Friday, December 30, 2011

Running Late

Does anyone have an OB/GYN that doesn't run behind schedule with their appointments? I am currently sitting in my OB's office now and my appointment for my one week post partum check up. They are running an hour behind and they are typically run an hour behind. No big deal to me anymore. I always bring my cell phone and Kindle to keep me busy.

One woman scheduled ahead of me won't stop sighing.

Another woman wanted a full explanation for why they're running behind (the doctor is on call today and had to run to the hospital for an emergency).

I understand that people are busy but it really is not the end of the world!

After appointment updates:

I've lost 18 pounds so far! Only 27 to go!


  1. Mine always runs behind some; I once waited 2 hours to see him. I don't care, though. He's awesome and totally worth it. I think it's true that people forget they are doctors and if their patients have an emergency, they are going to leave their non-emergency patients to deal with it. I do have a friend who goes to another OB who is always on time, which is nice, but then I wonder if that doctor is taking enough time for his/her patients. I know my doctor--in fact all of them in the practice--will answer as many questions I have no matter how long it takes, and even though that means they'll run behind, I appreciate it. So I think it's good you have the right attitude about it. I admit I'm worried about my next appt because I HAVE to be out within an hour to pick up my daughter from preschool, but otherwise, I don't worry about it either.

  2. thats pretty typical for most OBGYN offices. Babies come at all times of the day and can't wait for office hours to be over to be born. It is inconvenient for some people schedules but a little more patience and understanding is due or reschedule if they absolutely can't wait that long. LOL I know I have a friend keep Noah and I bring my phone and I love having a little time to myself to read on my phone (i have the kindle app).