Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Getting Braver

Annabel has always been hesitate to try new things.  Annika typically dives into everything head first (including the pool at my boss's house, she almost gave him a heartattack!) and has no fear, at all, about anything!

Last year Annabel would not go into the water at the beach at all.  This a picture of her up to her waist (she's on the left)!

Annabel loves horses and ponies but lasts year at an Easter event in our neighborhood when we tried to put her on a pony she screamed "NO PONY!!".  It was funny because all she talked about while she was in line was riding the pony and then she got scared when we tried to lift her up.

This year she went running to the ponies and she was yelling "I want to ride a unicorn!"

So I let her ride on, you know, minus the horn, but she still believes it's a unicorn.

Last year Annabel wouldn't let anyone paint her face.  She cried when I tried to put her in the chair and just watched Annika.  This year she even picked her own design, a rainbow with 2 pink butterflies.

Next we had a petting zoo.  Again, last year she watched Annika, this year she went into the gate and touched this little black chicken.

Then Annabel touched this little black goat.  After that she looked at me, put her arms up and said "get me out of here". 

She's a girl who knows what she likes and doesn't like!

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Girls

Swinging together on Sarasota Bay.

Posing as "Twins".

In their pool!

Getting ready for the first swim of the year!

Trying on swimsuits (Annabel's was much too small!)

Matching dresses from H&M.

Picking flowers.

Being silly at dinner!

Making my birthday cake. 

Dinner last night, Kefir mustaches ;-)