Thursday, December 29, 2011

Random Updates

~Annabel slept like a champ last night. I fed her at 9pm, 1pm, 5pm and then we got up when she wanted to eat again at 8am. Not bad at all to me. Annika was always ever 2 hours until almost 8 weeks old.

~Can you believe that Annabel is already a week old???

~Annika really loves her sister. It's so cute. She gets very concerned if she cries and she helps with ever diaper change by bringing me wipes and a diaper and then she throws the dirty diaper away.

~Thanks for the comments about Annika eating badly. I guess I didn't realize that ALL toddlers are picky eaters. I know I was always a picky eater. We only hope that Annika starts eating better as she gets older. Today I did buy her some organic granola bars that she seems to like and some different organic fruit snacks (she calls her other fruit snacks "gummies").

~I'm working on a post with comparison pictures of Annika and Annabel. Josh and I looked at Annika's baby book and couldn't believe how much Annabel looks just like her just with lighter hair! Their faces are pretty much the same.

~We went to Target today (our first time out in public was also Target on Monday) and had a lot of the cashiers that saw me pregnant come up to see Annabel. It seems we really caught everyone by surprise since they remembered we weren't due until January 15th! It's so crazy to think that I should actually still be pregnant now but yet here I am sitting with Annabel right next to me at one week old!

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