Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baby Update

~I had my 35 week check up Tuesday.

~I was up 5 pounds, damn Christmas cookies! I've gained 45 so far total, whatever!

~Still not dilated.

~50% effaced! And Annabel is head down, -3 station. Annika's head was never at a station last time, she was always in my hip bone to the side!

~So here's the deal, my doctor canceled my January 9th c-section because "we aren't going to make it till then, or even January".

~If I have contractions again we're just going to do the c-section. I need to have 6 in one hour.

~If I'm dilated at all next appointment or 100% effaced we'll do the c-section.

~I wasn't supposed to start weekly appointments yet but I am now!

~The doctor thinks she's close to 8 pounds already!!! Eekkk!!!

~Even though I'm 35 weeks I measure at 39.

~The doctor's biggest fear is that since I am a repeat c-section and my last c-section was barely 2 years ago he doesn't want me getting too big or having too many contractions.

~My theory, even though next week I'm 36 weeks (just a few days shy of 37) he's going to do my c-section either after his appointments for the day on Tuesday or Wednesday morning in order to get me home for Christmas or to prevent me being an emergency c-section on Christmas Day. He told me he'd rather I not be an emergency situation.

~So it looks like we may be having a December baby!! He wouldn't even allow me to schedule any appointments further ahead than December 27th and usually they allow you schedule them all advance when you're this close.

~I'm only have Braxton Hicks contractions lately. I do feel pressure though, lots of it, so I'm curious to see where we are on Tuesday.


  1. Exciting! Baby will be here so soon!

  2. Oh, wow! You might just have yourself a Christmas baby! Take care!

  3. Thanks for the visit. Pleased to meet you! Your red is adorable! Tell your uterus to hang in there. You're almost there!

  4. Whoo-Hoo! A Christmas baby(or close too), how exciting!!!