Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First Haircut~Annika

We decided Saturday to take Annika for her first ever professional hair cut.  I've been cutting her hair since she was around 4 months old (she had a really, really long piece in the back that I had to trim all the time when she was a baby).  Finally her hair has gotten too thick for me to be able to do it evenly on my own.

There's a children's hair salon down the street from us so we went there.  It was $15 for her cut which I think  was a little pricey but they did a good job and she liked sitting in the Jeep!  Josh and I agreed we'll probably take her here maybe 2 more times and then let her try an adult salon with me.  She was very well behaved.

We wanted to take a picture afterwards when we were going into a store but she wasn't having it.  She told just "I no yike pictures!!"

Then she gave Josh the "stink eye".  Evil monster!!

Later after we went into the store and came back out she finally said "cheese!"

Monday, July 30, 2012

Annika's Big Girl Room!!

Annika's room before:

She had a dresser with mirror, toy box and toddler sized bed.

Putting together the big girl bed (it was in Annabel's room and was used as the guest bed):

All done!!

First time laying in her bed!


She slept in her bed for the first time Saturday night and told us she liked it!  I like her room so much that I want to sleep in it too!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Plastic Surgery

Are you for or against people getting plastic surgery?

Would you ever get anything done?

I am in desperate need of boobs.  Yep, I said it.  The evidence is here:

I'm surprised that bathing suit even stays up without the strap.  Well, it kind of had to because Annika ran off with the strap one day calling it a necklace and now it's gone forever.

Anyway I'm starting to research doctors and save up the money for implants.  I would like to pay cash because the thought of paying interest on implants seems dumb to me.  Plus if I pay cash up front I'm more likely to pay less than if I try to finance or pay with a credit card.  I went to a consult years ago for a local doctor but didn't like his portfolio, I'll probably go up to Tampa since that area seems to have better plastic surgeons.

I've never really had boobs, I've always been a 32A.  After Annika my 32A's from the women's bra section got a little loose so one of my friends at work told me about the bras in the kids section at Target.  I've been wearing those ever since (and yes, one of them has glitter on it...).  My issue now is that the 32A is pretty much the smallest size I've found and now after having Annabel it is loose.  Well, it's not really loose it totally doesn't fit.  My boobs are sort of floating around in it, the small about of boob tissue I do happen to have.

So that's my story and I'm sure I'll blogging about the entire thing.  Most doctors make you wait an entire year after having a baby so I won't even go to a consult until at least early January.  I will not be getting LARGE boobs either, I'm thinking C-cup or even a full B.  I just want to not look like a 12 year old when I wear shirts and bathing suits!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weekend To Do List

While we don't have any set plans this weekend we sure do have a ton of stuff to do, as usual!

~grocery shop

~move the guest bed that is in Annabel's room into Annika's room so it can be her "big girl" bed!

~go to Marshalls and Ross to look for a girly blanket for Annika's new bed

~hopefully sell the toddler bed on Craigslist!

~run both Saturday and Sunday.  Also need to do some strength training for my upper body.

~list Josh's camera on Craigslist.  He never uses it and it's very nice, I'll post some pictures on here of it once we take some.

~figure out my iPhone.  I've barely had anytime to play with it!

~relax out by the pool.  My vitamin D levels are low so I need to eat more foods with vitamin D and get out in the sun a little, not too much, but at least 15 minutes a day.

~take the girls out to the pool and out to get some good frozen yogurt from a new place down the street.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Things She Says

Annika repeats EVERYTHING now.

Yesterday she told me:

"That is not a toy": this is something Josh tells her when she tries to play with something she shouldn't.

"Okay, go to sleep": she said this when I was putting her into bed because I usually say it to her first.

"No babys, no, no crawling": she's very upset that Annabel is mobile now and trying to crawl!

"You done, you done": I assume that when she's messing with something Josh tells her "you're done" so she said it to me when I was trying to get her out of the bath today.

"No touchies, okay": this is an everyday saying, when she isn't supposed to touch something we tell her "no touching, okay?"

I guess Josh was listening to the radio in the car yesterday and they say the name of the station like "The New Raw Radio, 101.5".  Now Annika repeats it every time it's said.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I finally got an iPhone so excuse me for the next like 3 days while I try to figure it out and not break it :-)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Memories Forgotten~Annika's 1st Birthday

There's a weird thing that your mind does when you go through a tramatic event, you forget everything that happened in that time period.  Not just the bad things but also the good things.

My mom died on October 17, 2010 and my dad was in the hospital from October 16th-December 4th, 2010 when he finally died.  During that time in between Annika turned a year old.  Josh and I have no memory AT ALL of her birthday party.  All we have are the pictures and what people tell us.

We know that day was cold, around 60 degrees and we had the party right on the bay!  Here are some pictures from it and I can honestly say I don't remember a single moment of this party which makes me incredibly sad.

Me and Annika!  Look how different she looks.

 My aunt with Annika and her cake.  If I didn't have this picture I wouldn't have even remembered that we did a Hello Kitty cake.

Me and Annika.

Me and Josh.  We both look happy but I know we must have been stressed!

My best friend holding Annika.

My best friend from work with Annika.

My best friend from work and me together.  She's the one that reminded me it was freezing this day.

Me, my best friend's daughter, my cousin and my aunt.

Annika at home having cake.  She must have really enjoyed it!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Busy Weekend!

My aunt from Arizona arrived Friday afternoon.  I ran home from work to pick up Annika to come along with me to the airport in Tampa.

I was hoping to beat rush hour traffic and luckily I was able to get out of work early, 2:45pm, which means we were on the interstate by 3:15pm.  But we got stuck on the long bridge that leads out the airport which I ALWAYS get stuck on!  Grr...35 minutes to drive 8 miles!!

Then we arrived at the airport early only to find out my aunt's flight was going to be an hour late!  Annika insisted on having pizza for dinner there so we shared a personal pan pizza.  I was pretty disgusted with the taste of it so Annika ended up eating almost the entire thing!

We walked around the airport for a while and went into a toy store.  Annika hugged every single stuffed animal in the store. I offered to buy her one since we didn't bring any toys to play with but she refused.  Then we had chocolate frozen yogurt with oreos.  We were pretty spoiled!  After that we played in another toy store and I realized we had to go to my aunt's gate because she would be arriving soon.

MELTDOWN.  Annika had a complete meltdown about leaving the toy store even though, again, I offered to buy her a little plastic toy plane with wheels.  I had to drag her kicking and screaming all snot faced to the gate.  She was so loud and embarrassing that I had to take her down a hall with pay phones to let her scream it all out.

Finally she gave up on the fit and we found my aunt.  The traffic on the drive home wasn't bad at all.

Saturday morning we went to Venice to the jetties.  We were going to eat at Sharkys but turns out they were closed for a company party!

Pelicans on the jetty.

Annika, me and my aunt (who totally did not plan on wearing the same exact color shirt!)

All us girls on the end of the jetty.

Josh trying some of the cool settings out on our new camera.

  Annabel was a happy girl even though it was hot!

So we ended up at the same restaurant we've taken my aunt to twice now, Old Salty Dog which is incredibly good and we're never disappointed so it wasn't bad.

When we ordered our drinks Annika ordered herself a water with cherries.  At first we didn't know what she said and then she looked at us like we were crazy and said very clearly "with cherries".  We go there enough now that the girls know Annika and Annabel so the waitress brought out her water with a lid along with a little umbrella with 4 cherries on it!  I just don't know how Annika remembered she had cherries last time when we went there!

Annabel decided to show off for my aunt and tried to crawl!!  Eeekkk, at 7 months old!  Annika didn't crawl until almost 10 months!

Sunday morning we went for a swim.  It was Annabel's first time in the pool.

My aunt with Annika.

Daddy and Annabel.

Always such a happy girl!

After our swim we tried a new restaurant, it's an oyster bar.  I'm pretty sure it's our all time favorite local restaurant now!!  We ate a ton of oysters, crab cakes and a few mimosas!  Annika ate asparagus and lightly fried popcorn shrimp. While the adults were eating oysters the waitress actually brought Annika a little plate of fruit for an appetizer, watermelon (her favorite), cantelope, and pineapple (not a big fan which is okay since I'm VERY allergic to it).

Here we are walking downtown back to our car.

Annabel pushing up showing off her almost crawling skills.

My aunt and Annabel.

Annika with her farm animals that my aunt brought for her.  My uncle made the little wooden box to put them in.  They've kept her very busy this weekend.

All the girls again, Annabel is looking at Annika like she's crazy....she is...

We kicked the crazy one out of this picture since she was saying "I no yike da pictures".

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Things To Make You Feel Old

Read this list if you were born in the early 80's and want to feel really old.

I want to scream because I'll be 30 in March!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Favorite Artist

I can't believe I haven't heard of her before!  I listen to Pandora almost all day at work (because I'm bored and sit in a cubical all day).  She actually came up on my Lily Allen (I linked to one of my favorite songs of her's, it has bad words in it so don't listen to it around kids!!) station so then I started looking for her videos on You Tube.  I'm surprised a big deal hasn't been made about this one because it's pretty controversial if you watch the entire thing.

Of course I find another artist to listen to that I can't listen to around Annika because her lyrics aren't appropriate for kids!  I was recently told by Josh to stop listening to Kate Nash, especially the song I just linked too, oops!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


~I'm frustrated that we always say we want to start going to church but when it comes down to actually getting up early on a Sunday and going we never do it.  Or I get up early, go for a run, shower and crash.  We just need to do it, someday....

~I'm cleaning our house like crazy!  My aunt arrives Friday evening from Arizona and I want the house to be  spotless which is difficult with Annika spilling milk on dining room chairs and coloring with crayons on the white tile floor.

~Today I will attempt my first grocery store trip with both girls.  I've actually figured out that Annabel is strong enough now to sit in the cart so I might try her sitting in the cart and Annika walking.  Or get one of the special carts at Target with the toddler seat in the front that makes the cart weigh an extra billion pounds for Annika to sit on.....we'll see.  I'm sure there will be an entire post story about it soon...

~I'm currently on day 2 of a 3 day training at work.  I'm glad that I've been there long enough and that I'm good enough at my job that they asked me to participate.  I will be helping with getting our new system to work how we want it to.  Should be very interesting and soon look very good come review time next year.  Come on big raise! :-)

~I'm beyond frustrated with my best friend.  She still hasn't come to visit since Annabel was born.  The only time she's seen her is when we made the almost 3 hour drive to her town in April!  She hasn't even mentioned a visit so I don't bother mentioning it either.  Also she used to call me just about everyday on her way to work and now I hear from her about once a week, or sometimes not even.  I'm not sure what's going on with her besides her random Facebook updates about her going out drinking with some girlfriends she has there.

~Speaking of going out with friends, besides my best friend (almost 3 hours away), I only have one other friend who works with me.  We are currently planning a girls beach weekend getaway.  While we have the #1 beach in the nation, we did decide to maybe go to this beach, then all the hotels were booked through the summer!  So now I'm looking into Sanibel Island since I'm a Floridian and I've never even been there!  All we want is to stay like 1 or 2 nights, hang out at the beach, have a drink at a bar and sleep with the sliding glass door to our room open so we can hear the gulf waves!  That's it!  I just need a nice weekend away from all responsibilities!  Working over 40 hours a week and then taking care of these girls alone every evening is stressful to say the least!

Room Sharing

After much debate and discussion we have decided to allow our girls to have their own bedrooms while living in this house.  We have a 3 bedroom so it's totally possible.  I just wanted them to learn to share so I was leaning toward them eventually sharing a room.

We went back and forth on wanting them to share a room.  I was thinking of purchasing two twin beds for when Annabel gets to be around 2 years old so that the girls would be together.  Annika's current room is pretty large so two twins would fit perfectly.  In Annabel's room we have her crib and a queen bed that we use for guests now.

In two weeks we'll be moving the queen bed into Annika's room!  She'll have a big girl bed!  Since her toddler bed is in perfect condition we are going to sell it.  When Annabel gets older we'll take the front off of her crib to make it into a little bed.  The crib has teeth marks and looks pretty beat up so once we're done with it we'll donate it.  We don't really have a place to store the toddler bed until Annabel is ready.

When Annabel gets older, around 3ish, we'll purchase another queen bed for her room.  So both our girls with have queen beds in their own rooms.

The reason we decided against them sharing is that a twin bed just doesn't seem practical for the girls as they get older.  We would buy them twin beds now but the end result would be exactly what we're going to do anyway, buy another queen for one of them so that they both have queens.

This coming weekend my aunt will be visiting from Arizona and she'll be staying in Annabel's room.  Since Annabel acts like she's in a karate match with someone at night (she kicks in her sleep!) she'll be moved into Annika's room in her pack n play.  Then Annika will be in bed with me and Josh so we're totally switching everyone around this weekend!  Annika is a good sleeper so she'll be fine with us and she likes getting to sleep in the big bed!  She'll be really excited to find out that the following weekend she's going to have a big girl bed of her own!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

6 month checkup: Annabel

Annabel had her 6 month check up last Friday.  It's a little late because she's actually 6 months and 3 weeks.

Her stats:

16 pounds 15 ounces
28 1/2 inches long

Now lets compare her to Annika at 6 months:

17 pounds 7 ounces
27 1/4 inches long

Annabel is longer and weighs less!

Now lets compare them both to me at 6 months:

15 pounds 4 ounces
26 inches

Both bigger than me!!  In length and weight!!

I've actually already compared Annika at 2 1/2 years old to my baby book and she's the size of me when I was 4.  So I was always very petite and these girls are not!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Beach!

Annika has been asking to go to the beach for weeks.  See, she was excited and all ready to go!

 It's weird because we've actually never really taken her to the beach, well, once.  It was bad.  She screamed loud enough for the entire Gulf coast to hear her because she was teething, all four upper front teeth at once.

That was back then when she was 7 months old.  As you can tell she is not happy!

Now things are a bit different.  She LOVED the beach!

Playing with her cousin who was down to visit, Josh's sister and family are staying out at our local beach for the week.

I love that they have fun together.

I tried to get her to swim with me but she wanted to play in the sand.

It just so happens that Annabel is almost 7 months old.  The same age we tried taking Annika to the beach at.  Luckily Annabel is easy going and liked it.

First time in the water, wearing the same outfit Annika wore on her first visit to the beach.

Snoozing.  Seriously this baby can sleep anywhere.  She was under a LARGE umbrella that we just bought.

Just woke up from her nap.

We had a good time.  We only stayed a little over 2 hours and it was just the perfect amount of time because no one got sunburned!