Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas in Pictures

The girls and I on Christmas Eve!

Annika ate her first ever candy cane (clearly I don't let her have candy often) she was WILD afterwards!!

My gingerbread house and Annika's house.

We made our houses with our neighbor and her son since I bought way too much candy and it's more fun with more people!

Annika did a great job.

Annabel watched and I let her try some marshmallows and chocolate chips.

Christmas Eve Dinner, our traditional pizza!!

We ate in the living room but Annabel had to stay in her high chair because she was all over the place eating!

Then the girls opened their stockings!  Matching pajamas and rubber duckies (they LOVED the ducks!).

Annika helped Annabel open her presents.

The girls with their toys.

Christmas morning!!

We moved the present opening out to the living room.  Our tree is in the dining room but we didn't want to sit on tile floor!

We had an early Christmas dinner.  Ham (I had salmon), asparagus (Annika's favorite), mashed Yukon potatoes, sweet Hawaiian rolls and vanilla cheesecake (made by me!) for dessert.

The girls loved the ham and the rolls.  Annika ate at least 4 pieces of asparagus too.

Then we took Annika's Christmas gift from last year out for a spin!

After a ride around the pond we played!

I'm always careful with Annabel because I've heard of so many people accidentally breaking their children's legs on slides!

We had a great Christmas together and I was so sad to have to go back to work!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Annabel's Birthday in Pictures

Annabel turned 1 on Saturday!

Such a big girl now.

Daddy gave her the first gift, it was from us!

Violet!  Annika wanted to see what it was.

Us with the birthday girl who is trying to focus on her present!

Annika ran upstairs to get her Violet so Annabel could see that they both have one now.

Annabel went down for a nap 2 hours before her party and we had to wake her up!  We joked that it was a surprise party because nothing was set up before she went to bed.

Annabel loved the balloons I tied to her chair.

Birthday cake thanks to Pu.blix because I didn't have the time to make one myself.

Getting ready to sing!

Annika helped out Annabel and blew the candle out for her.

And then it was time to eat!

She thought it was pretty good but we can really tell the personality different between the girls.  Annabel just quietly ate her cake while Annika at one year old screamed in excitement!

Then it was time for more presents!

Afterwards we sat out on our back porch with a fire going.  Our neighbor, her two kids and her ex-husband we were with us.

Then Josh and our neighbor's 12 year old son played football, or so they called it, they wrestled more than played.  They were too funny together!

Saturday night it was even cooler than Friday night.  We ended up having to bring Annika into our bed to sleep because the heat wasn't working right in her room (it's the first time since we've lived here that we've had to turn on the heat).  During the night she woke up 3 times to inform me "I like cake" and then feel back to sleep.  Josh said he was freezing but I woke up covered in sweat because Annika slept on top of me and she's a little heater!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jingle Bell 5K and Children's Race

Annika did her first race and I did my first 5K Friday evening (I started out big doing only half marathons so this was my shortest race ever!).

It was cold for Florida, around 55 degrees which is practically arctic to us!

I braided Annika's hair with her jingle bells on shoelaces into her braids so she couldn't take them off!

Then I tried to get the girls to pose together but Annika is a total nut.

Annabel out in the cold!

Annika dancing her in jacket (probably the only time she'll actually get to wear the jacket).

Me and Annika ready for our races!

Daddy and Annika

Daddy and Annabel

Annika met the Chick-fil-a cow and gave him a hug.

Annika's race was only 100 yards.  I stood with her at the start line and Josh waited towards the finish line.  It really wasn't too organized because Josh wasn't allowed to stand directly at the finish so Annika just ran into a crowd of people and I had to run to her to remove her from the crowd and find out where to get her medal for finishing.

She was one of the last kids to finish because a little boy had fallen in front of her and she stopped to help him up!  Such a sweet girl!!

I awarded her a medal!

She was very proud but she's making a face because I'm pretty sure she was freezing!

During my race Annika hung out with Josh, Annabel and my aunt.  Her she is during the National Anthem.

I finished my first 5K in 29 minutes!!  I just wanted to finish so we could get home out of the cold!!