Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Diet Plan

Josh and I plan on going on a diet and exercise program together once Annabel is born. My diet will include losing the baby weight, toning up and getting back into running. Josh's simply with include toning up, building muscle and starting to run since we want to make it a thing we do together (with the girls in their jogging stroller!).

I've been looking into the Paleo Diet. I actually purchased three books to look at on my Kindle while I'm in the hospital with Annabel and during those late night feedings (I get easily bored and cannot just sit there starring off into space, reading is going to be perfect!). I bought The Paleo Diet Cookbook, The Paleo Diet, and Everyday Paleo.

I can see Josh easily being able to follow this diet EXCEPT for cutting out carbs (maybe, he's pretty hooked on tortillas with his burritos right now). I see myself having the same issue and that I don't eat meat, at all. I will occasionally eat chicken if it's perfect and cooked a certain way and doesn't smell or taste even slightly off (yes I am a bit picky...). I see myself eating more seafood than anything. The thing I do like about this diet is incorporating more fresh veggies and fruits into our diet. Right now I do eat some fruit like apples, grapes and oranges but that's pretty much it!

I also plan on attempting to breastfeed again. Last time I totally dried up (even with pumping every 2 hours) at 3 weeks. I'm hoping by eating right (instead of starving myself to lose the weight quickly) and exercising I will be able to keep up my supply and hopeful successfully breastfeed while following a healthier diet plan.

Josh is pretty much on board for anything. I'd like to get Annika eating eating healthier too since right now her diet consist of goldfish, fruit snacks, Fig Newtons, scrambled eggs, chicken nuggets and mac & cheese. I do know that her picky eating is just that toddler phase and I hope that we can convince her to eat more like mommy and daddy!

Has anyone else followed the Paleo Diet with any success or known anyone else that has?? I'd love to know!


  1. This will sound funny but my Ex-boyfriends girlfriend who I am Facebook friends with and actually REALLY like, has tons of food allergies and she does the Paleo Diet. I have heard her mention "Everyday Paleo" on Facebook. She has been doing it for quite some time now and seems to REALLY like it. They are also really in Crossfit. I've been meaning to look into it myself since I have cut out meat. If you want to message her and talk with her I am sure she wouldn't mind. Let me know and I can have her message you. :o) Ryan and I are also starting after Christmas (mostly Ryan I've been vegetarian for a month now) a new plant based diet and doing P90X at home again. I hate working out at home but Ryan seems to really need me to workout with him to stick with it so I am going to do my best to support him and work out at home. My thing is running and going to the gym. Its too easy to crap out on a workout if your couch is right there. But ryan is such a home body and so self conscious so he prefers to workout at home. :o/ Good luck with it and let me know if you want me to have Marquel message you. :o)

  2. We ate Paleo for a couple months, training for triathlon. It helps you shed weight pretty quickly. Remember, you can eat nuts to cover some of your proteins. Tilapia is the best fish to eat, because you can buy it in pretty huge quantities without breaking the bank. Just cutting the gluten out of your diet (and being really strict about it) is pretty much "paleo"--I did that several months ago and lost 20 lbs in about two weeks. It was amazing.