Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1st????

How did it already get to be December???? More importantly how do I only have like 40 days till Annabel is born???

Tuesday I had my 33 week check up. I'm measuring perfect which according to my doctor means "I AM NOT ABOUT TO POP!!" He told me to tell people that he can confirm that I am not about to pop. I am perfect :-)

Last time at 33 weeks I measured at 36 so I am smaller this time around.

Here is my belly picture from Sunday:

Here I am 33 weeks pregnant with Annika:

At my next appointment in 2 weeks he'll check to see if I'm dilated. Since I'm only having about a handful of Braxton Hicks contractions a day he doubts I'll be dilated at all.

My friend at work bought Annika some crayons for 25 cents a pack during her Black Friday shopping. Annika was very excited to have new "colors" but refused to look at me when I took a picture!

On our evening walks Annika always asks me "where da moon?" and we look up to see if we can find it. On evenings we can't see it she's very concerned with where it could be!

After our walk she decided to put her head through her chair and she got stuck. My first reaction "where is my phone so I can take a picture?" At least she's learned her lesson now since it took a minute before I got her out!

I'm excited that I'm done with Christmas shopping with only 24 days left anyway!! All I have left to do is make some cookies and fudge for Josh's co-workers and my family. All of the gifts we did for family were homemade. So excited to share what I made, after Christmas anyway! :)


  1. I think you look great! My daughter loves finding the moon, too.

    It's getting close! We are both going to meet our new little ones soon!

  2. Aww she's super cute! You look awesome! I can't believe how fast your pregnancy went!