Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Do toddlers eat healthy?

I hate that Annika refuses to eat healthy and that I never push her to eat better.

How can I get her to eat fruits and vegetables? It seems like if I try to give her either she will just plain out refuse and throw a temper tantrum!

I'm open to all suggestions and ideas! I'm so tired of feeding her chicken nuggets, mac & cheese and fruit snacks!

Annabel is doing well. She seems to sleep in stretches anywhere from 2-4 hours at a time. We looked back at Annika's baby pictures and Annabel really does look just like her just with lighter hair!


  1. honestly, I think that many toddlers don't eat healthy or just snack alot...and they turn out fine. They do have those pediasure shakes if you are worried about her vitamin/calorie intake or you can give her multivitamins too...

  2. I agree with Tanya... I think you have to let them dictate at this point. There isn't anything we can do to get them to eat a particular food. Unless of course you know she will eat mac and cheese, you can always try to hide pureed veggies in there, etc. I just keep offering different foods, always a fruit and a veggie and hope for the best. And I just keep telling myself Alex isn't going to eat like this the rest of his life. Hang in there!!

  3. The way my doctor put it... put it in front of them... if they eat it they eat it... if they don't they don't. Kids will eat when they are hungry and if you only provide the healty stuff they will eventually eat it... Which is true. I found this out with Mason. Doctor also said to stay away from pediasure because then that is all they will want.

  4. We are having similar issues. Luckily Karina will eat some fruits. Here are some things I have tried: giving her a choice. For example, you might tell Annika, you have to eat some fruit, which do you want? And let her pick ANY fruit in the house. And go with fruit first since it's sweet and most kids like it better. We also use a cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld that has tons of recipes with hidden veggies in them, including spinach brownies! I have made numerous veggie pancakes (you really can't tell the difference and I am a super picky eater too) and french toast, nuggets with veggies in them, there's macaroni and cheese (which Karina won't eat--not just this one, she won't eat ANY), tons of other recipes. It's called Deceptively Delicious and I highly recommend it. Get the first version though. Good luck, and what Jenn above said is true-she'll be okay and at some point she won't throw temper tantrums when you say, "I'm sorry you don't like this but you must eat it to be healthy" and even if she hates it she'll learn to eat it.