Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Shutting Down.

I'm closing down this blog.

Over the past 5+ years I have blogged about our lives, a lot.  I had one complete year where I blogged all 365 days.

In the last year or so I feel the need to be more private for the girls.  They don't have a choice right now but to be on my blog but really is that fair?

Also I've had a lot of strange comments coming from search engines also which I'm not crazy about given the personal amount of information that is on this blog.  Plus I feel the need to censor myself and my opinions A LOT lately so that not to offend people or upset any one (trust me, people can seem so sensitive about something that is someone else's opinion!!).  I actually think this is totally ridiculous so that I'll probably keep this blog private to myself just to keep as a diary!  There are so many things good and bad that I don't want to forget and would love to keep track of.

I will miss blogging so in an effort to keep up a little bit with it I will be starting my food blog January 1st!

Please add Macaroni No More to your Feedly list (or whatever else you use to follow blogs)!  I already have a ton of recipes ready to go and hope to be able to keep up with posting at least 2 new recipes per week!  I will post the occasional picture of the girls on there too since they do help me cook so much but I'll be keeping all personal stories to my Facebook account.

This blog will be shut down by the end of the week!!  So please add macaroninomore.blogspot.com to your favorites list!

One last picture on this blog of the girls :)