Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Intimidating Person Here

Did you all know that people find me intimidating?

Josh went fishing with a guy that lives down the street from us and apparently it's the talk of the neighborhood.

First off I hate everyone.

Secondly I hate this guy's wife.

Thirdly a lot of people think I'm an intimidating person.

Luckily I have Josh to set people straight.

First of all I do not hate everyone!!  This is some weird thing that people at work think too.  I do not hate you if I do not speak to you every single time I see you.  I'm one of those people that typically doesn't start a conversation with anyone first.  I don't really approach people unless they engage me in conversation first.  I'm sort of shy like that.  I don't mean to be rude or come off as hating people I just typically have a hard time starting up a conversation with people so I just don't!  It's my personality and it's nothing personal toward anyone!

Secondly I have seen this guy's wife 3 times in the last 2 years.  Seriously 3 times!  To me she's insecure if she thinks I hate her.  I've actually spoken to her once and thought she was nice and her little boy is just a little older than Annika and they seemed to like each other.  I even talked to her about him!

Thirdly I am 5'2 and 120 pounds.  Am I really an intimidating person?  This is not the first, or second, or even third time someone has told Josh I'm intimidating.

Reasons people give for me being intimidating:

~I seem to have everything "together", I dress in clean clothes, my hair looks perfect (people must be blind, I've been sporting a messy bun/headband combo for 3 weeks now to hide my gray hair), the girls look put together, the girls behave, blah, blah.

~I run 4 times a week and have the 2 girls by myself every single evening.

~I also cook them dinners and myself dinners and pack Annika a lunch for during the day and we've cut out processed junk so I'm always making something, baking something or cutting up fruits or veggies.

~I lost all my baby weight twice.

~I work full time with two kids.

I'm sure there are more things but those are the thinks that Josh gets told a lot.

Josh says he thinks people think I'm intimidating because I have a "bitch look" on my face sometimes!  I swear I am not a mad/unhappy/horrible person!  I do smile but I guess my relaxed/normal looking face looks bitchy!

One thing that my friend at work and I have noticed is that I am NEVER approached by a homeless person asking for money .  Proof that even at 5'2 I scare the shit out of people or at least seem unapproachable :-)  I'll take that one with all the homeless people that harrass my co-workers when they walk down the street at work.

Luckily I don't care if people don't like me and honestly if people think I hate them that's there own deal really, right?  At least I know I don't hate them!  I am going to work on the approaching people and being more friendly-ish towards people in our new neighborhood and I hope I don't intimidate people there because I'd actually like to make some new friends close to were we live!

Monday, February 25, 2013

House Update

We went for our weekly trip up to the house Saturday morning.  We now have landscaping!

Check it out!

We should have grass next week.

And we have a kitchen and a dishwasher (clearly no flooring):


Now according to the building manager (well the building manager we have this week, this is the 3rd one we've had since November) the house is on schedule.  He's wrong, it was supposed to be done today but now we're hoping it'll be done on Friday.  As in THIS Friday!!

Then we're hoping that USDA approves our loan by this Friday or early next week.  That way our closing won't be delayed!  Keeping my fingers crossed that the house gets down and the loan gets done to make it all work.

The outside of the house needs touch up paint, so does the inside, we need our oven and microwave and the floors.  Also we need the baseboards throughout the house but that's IT!  Then it's done.  We were excited that we had toliets Saturday and light fixtures throughout the house (we have some pocket lights in certain areas).

I'm really hoping to see some major stuff completed Saturday, or the entire house just done!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

6 Years

It seems like yesterday!

6 years ago today we ran off to the courthouse to get married because we knew if we didn't "just do it" it would never happen.

6 years, 2 babies and lots of obstacles and blessing here we are still together and still in love!  I swear we make each other laugh every single day.

Love you baby!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend Stuff

~We had a 3 day weekend and it was a busy one.

~Starting Friday night we were eating at Jason's Deli and Annabel decided to shove too much pizza in her mouth and started to choke.  Poor girl turned blue and luckily Josh was able to swipe a large amount of pizza out of her mouth and then gag her so that the rest came up.  Then she whined only a little when we tried to take the pizza away from  her!  She didn't cry at all.  Luckily she's fine but now we have to sit directly next to her whenever she eats because she's just too fast at shoving food in her mouth.

~Saturday we went to the house.  The major progress was that we have a driveway, garage door and cabinets!

Then there were the issues with the house.  The cabinet guy must have dropped one of our kitchen cabinets and just installed it anyway and he didn't want to install the island where we wanted it, so he requested to have the electrical outlet moved when we requested that the outlet be moved to where it is now.  We wanted the island out a little to give us more space in between the fridge.  

Also someone is smoking cigarettes in our house!  Last weekend we saw one cigarette butt and told the building manager and got the "oh we fire people on the spot that are smoking, blah, blah, blah" story.  Well Saturday there was a cigarette butt in every single room!  We've found out that it's illegal to smoke inside now that we have drywall and windows so we're calling the county if we find it again.  It's just rude and gross.

~Saturday night we got some bad news (if you're on my Facebook make sure not to mention it as he doesn't want people knowing) that Josh's step-dad (he was married to Josh's mom at the time she died) has cancer.  Since he has no insurance and doesn't qualify for assistance (he's self-employed) he will most likely not receive treatment.  He can't even find a doctor to do his surgery to see what stage cancer he has, he only knows he has Lymphoma.  Sad, keep him in your prayers.

~Then Saturday Josh dropped his brand new cell phone  He's been having issues for a long while with his cell phone and receiving refurbished phones over the last year.  Finally the company we used allowed him to sign a new contract early and get a new phone.  Then after a day he broke it!  Uggghh...luckily he took a trip to the repair shop and they can fix it for free (under his warranty) so he'll have it back on Friday.

~Monday I was off work and took the girls with me so I could get an oil change.  Annabel wasn't originally supposed to come with me, she was going to stay home with Josh while Annika and I went but she threw such a fit about me leaving with Annika that she got to come too!  She's lucky she's so cute and that she learned how to give kisses this weekend!  Sweet baby kisses are the best!

~Then I took Annika to the dentist with me while Josh and Annabel napped.  When I was called back Annika informed the lady that "we're here for momma's teeth, not me, not Annika, momma's teeth".  She was really good and just sat in a chair in the room we were in.  The new dentist at my office was horrible so we're switching to a new office closer to where we live for me and Josh.

Here is Annika at the dentist with me.

~Other that all of that our weekend was pretty good!  It was freezing, around the 60s for a high, which is super cold for us!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

Randomness as Usual

~I have so many ideas for posting recipes on a new blog!  I'm brainstorming everything right now and I'm going to be getting Josh on board with his photography skills to take my pictures for me.  I already tested my old sugar-free chocolate chip cookie recipe yesterday and it's perfect :)  well, to me and the girls, I'm taking some cookies to a friend today for her to try them too.

~I'm so ready to move!  We've started packing and moving stuff into our garage so the whole up and down the stairs on moving day is at a minimum.  The only things upstairs will be our dressers, beds and Annabel's crib.  It'll make moving day so much easier on us and the people helping us (keeping my fingers crossed that the two friends Josh asked show up, we're really short on help!).

~We're planning a housewarming party for when we move in.  Totally do not want people to get us gifts but we want to show our new home to our friends and family.  We're thinking of making invites for a Saturday for people to come by between 10am till like 7pm and just stop in, chat, take a little tour and eat some snacks and maybe have some drinks.  Thank goodness for Pinterest and all the ideas I've already gotten for things to make!

~I'm a little worried about the moving transition with the girls.  I have a feeling that Annika will be fine, nervous maybe for a night or two in her room but other than that she'll be fine.  Annabel freaks whenever we go to the house (granted it does look creepy unfinished to a baby) and last time I was her chew toy!  She bit me like 3 times out of being nervous I guess!  I have a feeling she'll be in our bed nervous for a while.  I've never had her sleep with us so I'm not looking forward to it.  Annika usually smothers me when she sleeps with us and periodically wakes up saying thinks like "I love cake" and "hi momma" over and over!

~I can't wait to have a whole week off work after we move in.  I'm also glad that even after taking that week I still have 2 more weeks saved up.  I need to plan to do something with all that vacation time.

~I hate when we have weather that's in the 80s for days and days and then suddenly they say the high will be 60.  Saturday morning I have plans on going for a run but it's supposed to be 45 (that is freezing to me).  I'd rather sweat my ass off in 80 degree heat for a run that freeze with long pants, a shirt and a jacket in 45 degrees.  I am horrible at dressing for cold weather.  People in cars passing me must think I'm a weirdo, last time it was 45 I wore gloves and a hat.  I would have worn a scarf but scarfs piss me off and I ripped it off as I was passing our car and threw it on top of it.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Changes Moving Into a House

House update!!

It's painted (there will be stone on the bottom part that is un-painted).

Our bedroom with the tray ceiling (with me and Annabel).

Our living room (Josh was clearly impressed with the tray ceiling since he took 2 pictures of them).

The front entry way (with Annika exploring).

Yay, we're right on schedule!!  The inside was painted this week and Friday they will install the cabinets, so excited to see how they look this weekend!!

We've started talking about all the changes we'll be making moving into a single family home.  When Josh and I first started dating we lived in a 1 bedroom, 2nd floor apartment.  A little over 2 years later we moved into a 2 bedroom, 3rd floor apartment in the same complex.  Then 3 years after that we moved into our 2 story, 3 bedroom townhouse.

We've always been attached to another home!  I haven't lived in a single family home in 7 1/2 years and  Josh hasn't in over 10!  It's been that long since we've lived in homes that didn't require walking up stairs (hurry for a single floor house!!).

Other changes we'll be having:

~We've never had to mow a lawn or take care of one.  Any bets on how long it'll be before we kill it?

~In the last 7 1/2 years I have bought maybe 3 light bulbs.  When you rent they change them for you unless you use your own lamps!

~We'll have a 2 car garage, not that 2 cars will ever fit because we have so much crap but we only have a single car garage now.

~We'll have to pay someone to fix stuff we break or I'll have to Google it which drives Josh nuts because according to Google I can do everything.  But I really can, I reprogrammed our Honda car key when Josh messed, someone told us we'd have to take it to the dealer but I Googled it and 20 minutes later we were set. :)

~No more keeping our windows open at night.  Since our bedrooms have never been on the ground floor we've always been able to keep them open even when we weren't home.

~We'll have a mailbox!!  A real one, right at the edge of our yard!!  We've always had the little tiny locking mailbox thing for the entire complex that you have to drive out to.

~We can paint!  We painted our kitchen in our 2nd apartment but now we can paint and then if we don't like it we can paint again!

~We can change the flooring!  Which I bet we'll do soon because I hate carpet in living rooms and our dog, Bo, likes to pee in long dribble trails if you raise your voice in his general direction!

"Hi my name is Bo, I like to shit on the floor while you go grocery shopping and then run out the front door while you're carrying the baby and tons of groceries.  Then after the neighbor's son finds me and you tell the story to dad I like to pee in a long dribble trail because I'm a jack ass."

~The girls will have a playroom!  They'll have their own rooms like they do now but I'm pretty excited to decorate and organize their playroom.

~We have to buy blinds, curtains (which we've never been able to hang because as renters we usually aren't allowed), a washer, a dryer and a fridge!  Oh and lawn equipment! That means we get to make big purchases at Home Depot which we've never gotten to do.

AAAAHHHH so exciting!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

New Idea

We've been so busy lately and I've been spending more time in the kitchen.  We're making more of our snacks from scratch and having a ton of fun doing it.  Annika loves rolling dough for her graham crackers and helping stir different mixes.  She even helped me make crock pot chili yesterday.

With that I've decided to start up a food blog.  Not yet because our kitchen has horrid lighting for pictures and minimal counter space, but I will be starting up in April after we move into our new home.

I like to alter normal recipes to make them healthier or sugar-free.  My taste testers so far agree that the things that I make a delicious :)  that's what has inspired me to create a blog of my recipes complete with pictures.  I hope to maybe, someday, possibly create a cookbook.

Now for an idea for the name.  I want to actual make it a legitimate blog, with a website name that I purchase.  No more blogspot.com.

I want to go somewhere along the lines of "mac & cheese" something, I know for copyright issues I probably can't actually use "mac & cheese", or possibly something with our last name (I'm pretty sure most blog readers know my last name).  I wanted to use "mac & cheese" since when I was little that was pretty much the only thing I would eat and I want to make my blog recipes simple, healthy, and quick for working moms (like me) that don't want to serve macaroni and cheese every single night!

What do you all think?  Any ideas for names?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Too Much Going On!

~Ahhhh, another random post!  I have no time anymore!

~We've locked in our interest rate on our loan and now we're waiting for USDA approval!  There's a 20 day wait right now and I have no patience anymore.  I'm going to drive our loan counselor insane!  We now deal directly with him since we can't stand our loan processor and she kept making mistakes.

~Josh is getting cold feet on the whole house thing.  He was actually considering pulling out of the deal and staying where we are!  No way, our rent would go up again in June when our month to month lease is up and it would actually be more expensive then our mortgage payment!  I think I've reassured him that everything will be fine and we can afford it and that this is what we want.  We don't want to keep renting and possibly keep moving as the girls get closer to school age.  I don't want them to have to switch schools every time we move!

~Annabel is sooooo close to walking.  As far as I'm considered she can take her time.  

~Annika has ballet tomorrow.  Wish us luck.  She was pretty good last week but my friend came to watch her and she acted up a bit.  At one point she was standing by the door of the classroom so I snuck up on her and asked her what she was doing.  She told me "I'm done".  I think she was tired and just wanted to go get ice cream with my friend, who she loves, she's been talking about her all week.

~Our neighbor, who has turned into one of our best friends, is having her boyfriend move down next month!  We're excited for her but sad that we'll only be here 2 weeks while he's here.  Then we'll have to start planning date nights or dinner nights at each other houses so we can get together still.  She came over today so we could talk some and we had a glass of wine together.  I'm sooo going to miss that!  I hope we have nice neighbors in our new neighborhood.

~Our house has walls!  We went Sunday and we have stucco on the outside and walls on the inside.  Our neighbor's house is 3 weeks ahead of us and it's almost completed!!  That is so exciting.  They even have landscaping and we peeked in the windows and they have flooring.  I would imagine that they're closing soon and we'll probably get to meet them before we move in.  So far we've only seen that we have a single guy living diagonal from us and an older couple (like in their 60s) living two doors down.