Friday, December 2, 2011

Weekend Plans

First of all I found this recipe on a blog I've been reading. OMG, I must make them tomorrow and eat the whole roll!!

Tomorrow we're taking my Scion to get the oil change and that will finish off the vehicle maintenance until I go back to work from maternity leave. We've been trying to get everything done so our weekends with the 2 girls will be more relaxing that usual. It seems like lately we're always running around trying to get things done!

Josh also decided he wanted to get Christmas gifts for some of his friends at work. I replied that it's kind of dumb because we don't even buy gifts for any of our family!! Well, I made gifts for mine but that's about it. So this weekend, with his help, we'll be making these cookies and fudge! I'm making an extra batch of both so we can sample. I made the cookies last year and everyone loved them!! They are soooo good!! I haven't made fudge in ages so I'm hoping that turns out.

Sunday will mark the one year anniversary of my dad's death. We don't have any plans but I might suggest going to one of his favorite restaurants or something for it. Not sure how I'll feel yet.

Saturday actually marks one year since Annika has been out of daycare! I'm glad that she gets to spend her days with Josh and me and that we aren't spending that $700 a month for someone else to take care of her!

And today marks the one year anniversary of my last conversation with my dad. I got off work early to see him at the hospital because of of his regular nurses told me he was doing really well and was asking where I was. I met him in the pre-surgery waiting area as I had approved for them to put back his feeding tube in that had gotten infected. We talked about how at the time Josh didn't have a job, how Annika wasn't going to be in daycare anymore, how dad wanted me to withdrawl all his money from his bank account and use his money for our bills. As they wheeled him back to surgery he told me it wasn't going to work. He was right. I'm so glad we did get the chance to talk once last time though...

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