Saturday, December 3, 2011

Random Stuff

~We have lots of baking and fun to do today!!

~Plus I'm 34 weeks now!! Belly picture soon to come! Can't believe we only have 5 more weeks!!!

~We also have our new bedroom set being delivered, pictures of that soon to come too! I'm so excited to get to sleep in our new bed tonight.

~I think it's kind of funny that the nurse at my OB's warned me that on my next visit the doctor would be checking to see if I'm dilated. I'm pretty sure the do that so that us huge pregnant women can prepare ourselves "down there". I am currently unpresentable so I have a little over a week to clean up! It's hard to shave areas you cannot see and have not seen a long while!!

~Annika is a terror lately. I swear she drops things on the floor just to watch me have to pick them up. It's like a little switch went off in her head that said "now you are 2, be a huge pain in the ass especially if your momma is pregnant with baby #2".

~Luckily for her she's super cute:

~My back is killing me.

~There's a commerical on TV, I think for Tide, where the lady says she wears yoga pants because she's too lazy for real pants. Yep, I wear maternity yoga pants every single day. I own 3 pair and I've been attempting to pull them off as normal dress pants at work. So far so good. No one has said anything. They don't fit very tight and I always have a longer shirt on. At least I'm not wearing flip flops this time around!

~Speaking of flip flops I'm super excited to not have swelling this pregnancy!! Last time my feet blew up like little fat sausages around 20 weeks. I still have skinny feet!! My face isn't fat either like last time!!

~I'm already playing out in my head the whole IV thing the day of my c-section. When we had Annika the nurse told me "the worse part of today will be getting in your IV". After 2 tries, me yelling at the nurse to get me a new nurse and having to get the stupid IV in my RIGHT hand she was right. Seriously, I'm telling them the second I get there that IVs are very difficult to get in me so #1 lets get it right the first time on my left side and #2 if you fail on the left side you will not stick it in my hand!! It was so difficult to hold Annika's head still while trying to breastfeed!!

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  1. I was JUST thinking about the whole "cleaning up down there" issue today!!! I can't do diddly about it, my belly is too big. I figure they've seen it all before, but how funny that you were thinking the same thing!