Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Belly Comparison 35 Weeks

Here I am on Saturday evening at 35 weeks:

And here I am at 35 weeks with Annika:

OMG, I was HUGE with Annika!!

But can I just say that Jessica Simpson makes me feel soooo much better about the way I looked with Annika??? She is so swollen already! I'm curious to see when her actual due date is because I swear she doesn't look that far off from me but since it seems that she doesn't know the sex of her baby yet that she must be right around 20 weeks or so! So clearly she's "eating for two".

I tend to blog ahead of schedule so I haven't mentioned my little "scare" on Friday. All Thursday evening and night I had a lot of intense contractions. I really didn't have many contractions prior to Annika being born and since she was born via c-section I have no clue what labor feels like. Friday morning I drove to work, with contractions (dumb, dumb, dumb) and ended up having my good friend/co-worker drive me to the hospital after two hours at work when I had a panic attack thinking I was about to give birth!

Well, I'm a tiny bit dramatic. I'm not dilated, at all. I was having contractions though so they gave me a shot of Terbutaline. I was having Braxton Hicks a lot in the past week and thanks to that shot all of my contractions have stopped! If it happens again they continue to either try that shot again or something via IV to stop labor until at least 37 weeks as long as I'm not dilating.

The best news was since I'm not dilated I didn't get put on bed rest or anything like that! I'm not the type of person to just lay around in bed and honestly with our work schedules I can't lay around because I have to watch Annika! I am going to take it more easy in the evenings now though until Annabel is born. I'm going to relax on my obsession with not allowing any dirty dishes to sit in the kitchen sink overnight and I'm making more "weekly to-do lists" for Josh to do to help me out. He really has been helping out a ton lately which is helpful!


  1. Yes, definitely relax while you can. It'll be here so quickly!

    You know, you've made me curious enough about Jessica that I'm going to have to google and see.