Friday, December 9, 2011

Cute Pictures and Party!

Here is my crazy girl vacuuming my bed. Notice the backwards zip up pajamas since she is Houdini and can undress herself in 10 seconds.

She's in love with this vacuuming. It even makes an annoying vacuum sound. Clearly we did not buy it for her but my co-worker/friend did.

And here she is ignoring me and not looking at the camera because that's how she is...

Tomorrow is Josh's work's Holiday Party. I typically LOVE going to holiday parties because it gives me a chance to dress up all prom like. At 35 weeks pregnant there isn't much I can wear. I bought a plain black dress from Old Navy and a red sparkly scarf from Target and Josh gets to wear his suit (which he hasn't tried on yet but I'm pretty sure it won't be buttoning!). This is the first party I'm going to where I get to meet the people Josh works with so I'm looking forward to it but not the comments of "OMG YOU'RE GOING TO POP"....

My work has a holiday party on the 19th, during work hours. We used to have fancy parties at the Ritz Carlton Hotel but then the economy starting sucking. Still it should be nice since it's here.


  1. She's too funny! My daughter can undress herself, too, but luckily she doesn't do it when she isn't supposed to! Usually...

    Just prepare a few good comebacks in your head for people who make those comments you hate, and you'll be good to go. I'm thinking along the lines of Alien chest-burster scene or Yes, I'll be spewing baby all over the floor type comebacks. Heh hehe! Or, you know, not such gory ones! :-) Anyway have fun!

  2. yeah, "Im planning for my water to break on your feet, actually"..