Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Blue Bath Water

I had officially given up bath time with Annika due to my largeness. I guess yesterday I was in a nice mood so I decided to let Annika come in the shower with me. My plan was that after we showered we sit in the tub together a little and play with her rubber duckies.

My cousin gave Annika some little bath bombs from Lush, it was actually this one. I thought the nice lavender and chamomile would relax us both (and maybe make me dilate more, very wishful thinking!).

So after we showered I started to fill up the bath tub. Once it was about half way full I sat down with her and her rubber ducks and then showed her the Baby Botto which she responded "wow".

Then I put it in the water and it starting fizzing a little and made our bath water blue.

Well, then the MOTHER FUCKING WORLD ENDED!!!! Annika freaked out like she's never freaked out before. She quickly threw her three rubber ducks out of the bath tub on to the bathroom floor (clearly because blue bath water would have KILLED them immediately!!!), she stood up and looked at me with pure horror on her face!!

Then she made a blood curdling scream that I'm pretty sure was heard around the world.

After that I tried to calm her down and told her it was all okay but it wasn't, the world was ending because the bath water was turning blue!! BLUE!! How on earth could it be turning blue????

Annika has short legs for her age but that child jumped out of the bathtub on to the bath mat, ran out of the bathroom and into my bedroom butt ass naked and soaking wet. I have never seen her jump out of the bath tub like that ever, usually I have to ask her 100 times to please get out of the tub before she actually does it.


Because I put one little bath bomb in the water to turn it blue.

I didn't even catch up with her till like 10 minutes later because I had to stand up, rinse off in the shower again, dry off because it was freezing in my bedroom, get dressed and then I found her naked in my bedroom with her face all red and tears coming down her face still.

I guess blue bath water is a scary thing.

And all of this made her so tired that she went to bed at 7:20pm compared to her new usual of 9:30pm.

So lesson learned, Annika does not like blue bath water....good thing I had already used the other bath bomb on myself over the weekend without her! I LOVED it!

But I guess I could say that the whole lavender and chamomile did put her to sleep earlier than usual, just not in the way it was intended to.


  1. ROFL! I guess blue bath water is very scary for a little one!

    Your posts are not coming up on my feed. This is so irritating! Plus, your followers button isn't showing me on there. I thought blogger fixed this. Guess not. :(