Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Doctor's Appointment Update

I am now 36 weeks and moved up to weekly appointments (they typically don't start weekly appointments until after the 37th week but I'm special this time I guess).

I weighed the same as last week, which is good since I ate a lot of crap this weekend.

I'm now 1 centimeter dilated and I'm still only 50% effaced!

I cried the entire way back to work.

I was soooo hoping for more progression. I told him that last night I woke up twice with contractions but, of course, they aren't consistant. I need to have 6 painful contractions an hour for two hours straight before I can come to the hospital and then I need to have the same amount of contractions before he'll do my c-section. He did promise that my labor will not be stopped. What I'm worried about is not getting my doctor at the hospital (especially with Christmas this weekend, I didn't even ask who was on call) and having that doctor fight with me since I swear they have my due date wrong!! I'm 37 weeks THIS Thursday, not Sunday or next Wednesday like they have written down in places. I had the same argument with the nurse at the hospital when I went a week and half ago about how I know when my due date is and no one else does.

So the doctor again said "it could be anytime now". Whatever. I don't believe you!! He said it could be tonight, tomorrow, or more than a week from now. I'm pretty sure though with the amount of pain and discomfort I have if I make it till my appointment next Tuesday and there's still no progression I might not be able to go back to work because I may kill someone for asking me when I'm going to just have this baby!!

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