Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

The other day I was thinking about fathers.  My dad was awesome.  There were many years were we lived together, just the two of us.  My dad did my laundry, cooked my dinner, sang with me in the car, took me swimming, took me to ballet, came to school to eat lunch with me, talked with me.  He did all the things that I saw other kids moms doing.  That was my dad.

I started thinking about Josh as a dad.  I'm a lucky girl to have picked someone like him to the father of my children.  He takes care of the girls during the day, gets them dressed, fixes them breakfast and lunch, plays with them.  He has no issues doing anything they need, bathes, meals, cuddles, playing.  He does it all.

Then I look at some of my friends (and former friends) and who they have children with.  I have more than a few friends who have husbands/boyfriends who have never fed their children.  Never changed a diaper.  Never watch their own children all on their own!  Some fathers that won't even attend a kindergarten graduation because it's "stupid" or a dance recital.  After Annika's dance recital Josh told me that not only did he love getting to see Annika dance but he actually enjoyed the other performances too!

So Happy Father's Day to all the dads that are truly dads to their children.  You all should be celebrated.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Ballet Recital

OMG, I forgot to blog about Annika's ballet recital, 2 WEEKS AGO!!

She did fantastic!!  For being the youngest in her class she was perfect.  She did the entire dance, wasn't scared and didn't mess up at all.  We were so proud of her that we were both crying in the audience like big babies!

Here are some pictures of the day.

First I did Annika's nails with glitter nail polish and then put her hair in a bun.

Annabel waiting for Annika.

Our little ballerina on the end!

Trying to get them pose together is nearly impossible!

That's a little better!

Doing "Ring Around the Rosie"

Giving daddy a hug, he was so proud of her!

Daddy and his girls.

Annika was dying to see this fountain on our walk back to the car.

Annika with her flowers, she had told me she liked these the day before so I surprised her with them.

Monday we start her tap/ballet combo class!  So exciting and she hasn't stopped talking about it either!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Little Skater Girl

This child is going to be a skateboarder!  She loves it and boy is she good for a 3 year old!!

She's actually going downhill in this video and fast!

Now before you all kill me because she's not wearing a helmet this was not a planned ride, she just jumped on.  She does have a helmet that she will be wearing from now on.

Although, how many of us 80/90s kids wore helmets???  I sure didn't, but that doesn't matter, she'll have one on next time Josh lets her ride!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

National Running Day

I'm such a slacker lately!  Not only with blogging but also with running!

I don't like the area we live in for running, at all.  I did plan to start running again this week (I took a 2 month break for Insanity) but it's been running ALL WEEK LONG because of this storm. I'm kind of hoping to not have to go to work tomorrow but I have a feeling I'll be there.  Tropical Storm to us Floridians is really no big deal.

But today was National Running Day and I wanted so badly to run with the girls but it rained!!  Boo!!

If you're planning on starting to run and want to start with a half marathon like I did (talk about crazy, I never did a race before and I started out with 13.1 miles!) this training program is great.  It's the same program I've used for all 3 of my half marathons and the program I will be using while training for my next race in November!  Just need to pay and sign up so I can do the Women's Half Marathon again for the 3rd time (I did it as my first race in 2010 and my first race post pregnancy with Annabel in 2012).

I swear I will start blogging again more (I'm working on my new recipe blog now!!!) and running more too :-)