Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Once again I ran into breastfeeding issues from the start. Annabel was born with low blood sugar and had to be given formula in recovery. Then since she was early she couldn't suck so it got lower and she ended up spending the first 6 hours in the nursery receiving formula feedings.

I tried to feed her around 8am Friday morning and between Friday and Saturday evening I got her to latch twice. I was stressed and again realized like last time that this was not going to be enjoyable at all for me. While I know breastmilk is best I am fine with being happy with less stress and giving Annabel formula.

Now my issue is engorgment. My milk came in Sunday and I swear my boobs are rock hard triple D's. The pain is horrible!! I'm actually only still taking my painkillers for my boobs!! Oh how I hope this goes away soon!!


  1. God I remember that pain! If you have a breast pump try pumping a little out to relieve you. I did that for a good week after I stopped BF and it helped alot.

  2. When I was engorged if you want to dry up quickly, take a benadryl or other decongestant at night and it will help. My doctor told me about it but if you are uncomfortable with it, talk to yours as well.

  3. You need to go out and get a cabbage, I swear-- put it in the fridge til cold, then take leaves of it and put them in your bra. Change them several times a day (throw out the old ones, and you should not need more than one cabbage, hopefully). Your milk will disappear within a few days, and the pain will be gone even sooner. I did this with my first daughter since we chose to use formula for personal reasons.