Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Random Stuff

~I had cookies for dinner the other night. Good for dinner, not good for the restroom at work the next morning....

~Annika seems to go to bed easily for everyone but me! For my aunt she laid right down, for Josh she goes right down too and if she doesn't and he goes to the door she runs back into bed and goes back to sleep. For me, she knocks on her bedroom door (we lock it from the outside since our bedrooms are on the 2nd floor and I don't want the crazy nut to fall down the stairs or try to escape out the front door) or throws her entire body against the door! Sometimes from my room I can hear her going "mommmmmyyyyyyyy......mommmmmyyyyyy". Uggghhh...child, I'm tired too! The other night I opened the door 3 times to tell her to stop knocking on it and finally she got the hint and stopped. It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't totally exhausted!

~I made chicken enchiladas the other night for the first time. I did the chicken in my crock pot during the day. If I weren't so lazy right now I'd type out the recipe or try to find it but I cannot move right now except to type, so later, I promise. They were really good and I'm super picky about chicken. Josh even liked them. Annika wouldn't even look at them, instead she ate graham crackers and peanut butter...

~I cannot believe in less than 4 weeks we will have 2 daughters. It just doesn't seem possible. I have seriously had the fastest pregnancy ever this time around and all the "OMG you're so big" comments have slowed down. I'm really not THAT big, of course, for almost 9 months pregnant almost anyone would be big now!

~We still have not decorated for Christmas. I feel bad but I don't think we're going to bother. On the weekends both Josh and I find ourselves too exhausted to do much of anything. I cannot get into the closet under our staircase where all the decorations are anyway and even if I could I have a feeling I'd be telling Annika to leave the tree alone 24/7. It's only a little 3 foot tall tree. Next year we'll do a big, huge real tree or invest in a pre-lit fake one. I swear next year we will! In 2009 we did the 3 foot tree because Annika was only a few weeks old, I was on leave and Josh's hours at work were cut back so we couldn't afford anything else. Last year in 2010 my parents had just died, Josh was laid off and Annika was just a little over a year so we did our little 3 foot tall tree again. So I swear in 2012 we will have a tree over 5 feet tall!!

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  1. I'm exhausted too. I don't cook at all anymore. By 4pm, if I try to do anything, I burst into tears! Karina does the same thing at night sometimes. We kicked that habit by having my husband go to her every time she called. There were a few tears a couple nights, which was soooo hard for me, but now she doesn't do it anymore. Now, she waits til the middle of the night and I put her in bed with me so I can go back to sleep!