Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Cards

Do you send Christmas cards?

Do you buy them from the store or order online?

Do you use a picture of yourself/family on the cards?

How many cards do you typcially receive each year?

How many cards do you send?

I send Christmas cards and I usually order them from Shutterfly, Walgreens or Kodak. The one I sent out this year had a picture of the 3 of us and said "Merry Christmas" on it.

What makes me sad is that while I send out at least 40 cards to family and friends we've only received 2 so far!! One card is from my friend that I met while working at a grocery store 9 years ago and the other is from my ex's parents! Talk about random!

I send cards to everyone in Josh's family and not a single one of them sends any! So weird! From my family we usually get a few but since we see a lot of them on Christmas Day I know we'll probably get some then.


  1. I love Christmas cards! Last year I did Shutterfly and this year I did Tiny Prints. I also send out about 40 and just the other day I also only had two. On Thursday I got about four more, so we're getting there. My husbands family doesn't send out any it's mostly my family and friends.

  2. This year I won some cards from Tiny Prints but I usually either make or buy regular cards. I don't get as many as I send out either. My dad's side of the family would never send cards back, so I just stopped sending them to them. My one uncle does, so I still send him a card, but the rest I just stopped. Isn't it weird? You'd think the people we think of would be thinking of us, too.

  3. I sent out 32 photo greeting cards from my regular printing company (Miller's professional imaging) and have only gotten 2 cards so far. SAD! and one of those doesn't even count because it was from our property management company in WA! The other was from my husbands Uncle and Aunt. Really feeling unloved this year.