Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Funny Stories

First I have to say I'm super excited that I'm getting this for Christmas!! I sent Josh the link yesterday since he wanted more ideas of what to get me and he told me to order it! I've been looking up more slow cooker recipes since I know with a new baby and a toddler that it'll be hard to make good meals for us and most are pretty simple. Plus this slow cooker has a timer which is even more perfect.

Now for my funny stories of the weekend.

#1: Josh and I always weigh ourselves after shopping at the Publix grocery store. They have one of those huge scales in the front that is supposed to be super accurate.

A little back story, I'm typically right around 120 pounds which is normal for someone who is 5'2. Josh is 5'11 and used to weigh only about 135 which is totally underweight for someone his height. During this pregnancy he has steadily gained weight which is a very, very good thing!

I got on the scale first and I weigh now 163 (whatever, blah). So Josh is behind me watching and joking around saying "oh big momma, hahaha, blah, blah, blah".

Then Josh gets on and I had to take a double take because the little dial on the scale went up and over the 163 to 165!!!

I almost lost it in the store. I was laughing so hard I was sure I was going to pee myself.

Last pregnancy I passed Josh in weight around the 20 week mark. This time I'm 34 weeks and still weigh less!!

Yes!!! It makes me very happy!! Plus he looks so much healthier with his new weight, I told him he's not allowed to lose while I'm losing after Annabel is born, he can tone up but that's it!

#2: Annika was walking around the kitchen playing when suddenly she looked at me with panic. She squatted and started grunting.

Neither is ever a good sign.

Then she got up, ran over to me and laughed as she said "I just went poo poo momma!!"

Oh, if only she'd do it on the potty!!!

And here is our little diva with her sun glasses on:

She insisted on wearing them into Best Buy on Sunday. She was so funny. The guy that helped us asked if she knew how to give a "high five". I told him that she can do that and "fist bump" too. When she did it he said she was by far the coolest kid he's ever seen. Yep, we think so too!


  1. oh how funny about the weight thing.. I want to be back down to 120 after having my second one the weight is coming off slowly.. But I am trying.. I love your little girl in the shades and high five and fist bump is amazing.. Have a great day..

  2. I weigh 5 pounds less than I did when my first daughter was born, and I have 6 weight-gaining weeks to go! But I look better and feel better, and my doctors aren't worried. Baby weight doesn't count, I say! That's funny that he had to eat his words though!

    My husband still weighs plenty more than me, plus he has his own "baby bump"! Ha ha!