Monday, December 19, 2011

Nesting, Parties, Trees, Oh My!

I am officially in my nesting stage. I guess I've sort of had my little bursts of energy here and there but today when I got home from work it was on. I even cleaned some of the walls (that's because we rent and we have some cheap paint on the walls that seem to collect dirt like crazy). My new thing is that every evening I like to clean up the kitchen, dining room and living room like I won't be coming back home for 4 days. I don't want my aunt to have to worry about cleaning up a big mess the day she watches Annika or for Annika to get into things she shouldn't be getting into that my aunt isn't aware that she shouldn't be getting into! You know? :-) Annika is pretty sneaky with what she tries to get away with when we aren't around or watching.

We had our annual holiday party at work. I hate when people say "Happy Holidays", I perfect "Merry Christmas". Now I do realize I need to be careful since not everyone celebrates Christmas (there is only one person on my floor that doesn't and everyone knows it and respects it). Anyway our holiday party was nice but the best part was having them tell us at 1pm that we could leave for the day and not go back to the office!! We were originally told we'd have to go back at 2:30pm (the actual end time of the party) and work till 3:30pm....sure.....all stuffed with food and sleepy, wasn't going to happen!

Also have you ever seen a pink Christmas tree??? Like a REAL pink Christmas tree. Head over to Prudent Baby to see her pink tree! Now I do not like the fake pink trees I've seen in stores but this one I would actually consider especially since we'll have two girls next year (hell, we might have two girls this year if this one in my belly decides to come out!). I think Josh will say "hell no" to it but I think he's getting used to the idea that his entire world is going to be pink forever.

A word of advice for anyone who is pregnant. Do not ignore phone calls from grandmothers. I have apparently almost given my grandmother a heart attack because she called and left me a voicemail Saturday evening and I was napping so I didn't answer and totally forgot to call her back. My aunt texted last night to see if we were all okay since grandma hadn't heard back from me. Luckily I have the world's best husband and I had him call my grandma and aunt back to let them know I was still alive but really, really not feeling well at all. I'm so close to the end it's not even funny and I feel exhausted and I'm in pain and well, I cannot wait till my doctor appointment tomorrow!! I will be sure to update once it's all over!

This weekend we also decided to teach Annika how to drive, because you know, it's time and all:

She is 2 years old now after all!

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