Monday, July 21, 2014

Annabel's New Bed

Annabel was ready for a "big girl" bed so we decided to go get her a new bedroom set.  She was using a tall dresser that actually matched Annika's set.  Since our entire house is dark brown we decided to brighten things up by getting her a white bedroom set.

I went to the store first and picked out one I really liked.  Then Josh went and even though I didn't think we'd get anything fancy he decided on this because "Annabel liked it".

Our 2.5 year old has a fancier, more expensive bedroom set then us.  We are insane.

At least she like it and sleeps in it!

Both girls liked it a lot.

That finally completes our house for furniture!  The only room that probably will need something eventually is the girls' playroom that still only has a bookshelf in it.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Well Hello There

Long time no see, right?

I knew I couldn't stay away forever.

It's only been, what, 8 months.

I miss blogging.  I miss writing.  I miss having a little diary of sorts to put together all my thoughts.

Don't you miss us?

What have we been up to over the last 8 months?

We had some Christmas pictures taken that were pretty awesome.  Finally family pictures!

Annabel decided to become a mini version of my mother, she will NOT smile for you!

But then she turned 2 and decided "I'll do whatever I want when I want because I want to remind you how stubborn your own mother was FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE".

We signed up Annika for soccer and played for 12 weeks.  Annika doesn't play anymore, it was just too much in our busy schedule.

The girls are best buddies now, 80% of the time.

We went for an awesome hike in our own neighborhood!

Annabel eats entire pieces of pizza.

And lollipops we got for free just because the girls are super cute.

We went to Disney World!!!  

We've also been going to the beach a TON.

Lots to post about and I do actually plan on blogging a little more often, you know, more often than every 8 months.

Hope I still have some readers!!  Let me know if I do!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Shutting Down.

I'm closing down this blog.

Over the past 5+ years I have blogged about our lives, a lot.  I had one complete year where I blogged all 365 days.

In the last year or so I feel the need to be more private for the girls.  They don't have a choice right now but to be on my blog but really is that fair?

Also I've had a lot of strange comments coming from search engines also which I'm not crazy about given the personal amount of information that is on this blog.  Plus I feel the need to censor myself and my opinions A LOT lately so that not to offend people or upset any one (trust me, people can seem so sensitive about something that is someone else's opinion!!).  I actually think this is totally ridiculous so that I'll probably keep this blog private to myself just to keep as a diary!  There are so many things good and bad that I don't want to forget and would love to keep track of.

I will miss blogging so in an effort to keep up a little bit with it I will be starting my food blog January 1st!

Please add Macaroni No More to your Feedly list (or whatever else you use to follow blogs)!  I already have a ton of recipes ready to go and hope to be able to keep up with posting at least 2 new recipes per week!  I will post the occasional picture of the girls on there too since they do help me cook so much but I'll be keeping all personal stories to my Facebook account.

This blog will be shut down by the end of the week!!  So please add to your favorites list!

One last picture on this blog of the girls :)

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Hair

It happens all the time.

I swear I see it on Facebook at least once a month.

But never to us.

Annika cut her hair.

About a week before it happened Josh posted this of her on Facebook.  Her hair was all one length.

We also used this picture for her birthday party invitations.

Then she did this while Josh was napping.  All of her hair in front is cut very short and choppy.  There's a few long strands in the back still.

The scissors were on a shelf 6 feet high and she climbed up the other shelves to get to them.  She was determined.  She had a plan and she succeeded!!

According to Annika "I wanted to look like Annabel" or "I had too much hair" are her reasons for doing it.  She did this 3 days before her birthday party.


I called 4 salons while at work and couldn't get her in.  Finally I decided to try to walk-in someplace and we got in.  The guy that did her hair says he does at least one little girl a week that gets a hold of scissors.

He did a great job!

I think she looks cute but I just wish she didn't do it on her own!

There are a lot of pieces that are to her scalp and the front isn't very even so it'll be a process to grow it back out so that's it's even!

She's so proud of herself though and she told me that night "I like my haircut very much momma".

Can't fight her on that one, if she likes it then I like it and I do think it's a very cute cut on her!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Annika

4 years ago this big bundle of joy was born.

All 9 pounds of her via c-section because she decided to put her head directly in my hip bone where she was nice and comfy.

This is just at a few hours old, so alert already!

First birthday, wild and crazy!

Second birthday, looking cute!

Third birthday, I think she was tired from playing.

4th birthday.  She loved everyone singing to her, just look at that sweet face!

Opening presents.

Me and my girl!

Acting crazy with daddy (who did a great job of decorating for her party all by himself!)

Happy birthday Annika, love you more than you'll ever know!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


How bad do I suck??  I keep forgetting to blog and then I end up realizing that it's been 3 weeks without a post!

So first up Halloween!!

We carved pumpkins. Really we let Josh carve pumpkins while we watched!

We went Trick or Treating, the girls and I since Josh had to work.

The ballerina and Little Red Riding Hood.

I totally forced them to knock on this door knowing that this thing was motion sensored!

It freaked them out, they were both screaming when the lady came to the door to give them candy!

All their candy!

And yes, Annika has much shorter hair in these pictures.  Story on that will be Friday's post since it deserves it's own post!!