Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I'm not sure if people knew but tropical storm Debby has been sitting over us for days now. We've had almost non-stop rain since Friday!

I haven't been out to take pictures but you go to this Facebook page you can see some of the damage that happened steps from where I work.  Actually Monday I was pretty surprised I even had to go into work as we were under tornado warnings and tropical storm warnings.  I usually leave the house before 6am to go to work but I waited till almost 7am until the blinding rain and strong winds had slowed down.

Luckily we've only had our power flick off and on a few times and we have no flooding.  A few of the roads we usually drive on are flooded though and there are a lot of down trees and power lines in the entire area.

I hear that we're supposed to continue to have rain until next Monday!!  It's so depressing to not be able to go out for a rain or take the girls out anywhere!

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  1. Rain for too long is stinky, but just stay safe. It'll pass eventually.