Monday, June 25, 2012

Who Sleeps In Your Bed??

This is Annika's bed and what it looked like one day after her nap.  As you can see she sleeps with a lot of toys.

 We have Babe, another pig, Violet (a LeapFrog dog), Elmo (who sings the A,B,C's), Madeline is throw in the corner for some reason, her favorite blue monkey and then all the little random toys.  I also just noticed there's a sea horse under her bed that plays music, that was actually a Christmas present for Annabel that she keeps stealing from her.

From the far left by the pillow we have "momma duck".  Momma duck is actually a hippie rubber duckie.  Then we have "pink car" and "yellow car".  Next up is "daddy duck", he is a Frankenstein rubber duckie.  Then a penguin (I think it's from "Surf's Up", we've never seen it but Annika loves penguins), then a cow, then one of my old My Little Ponies (to her it's another cow for some reason, she refuses to call it a pony), then another rubber duck followed by green frog, yellow frog and red frog.

And don't think she doesn't realize someone is missing for a second.  In the middle of the night she'll wake up screaming for "momma duck" or her cow and then find them herself before I can even get out of bed.

I have to say that I'm a sucker for allowing her to sleep with whoever she wants.  I did the same thing when I was little.  I actually remember my parents telling me I was limited to 20 different stuffed animals because at one time I was way too crowded in bed.

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  1. I let Karina sleep with whatever she wants as long as it isn't a danger to her in her sleep. She mostly sleeps with books. Sometimes I've gone in there and she's sleeping on top of a pile of about 20 books. Hardbacks no less. She also has a few stuffed things--her Lambkin is most important, plus stuffed Tow Mater, stuffed Holley, stuffed Kuni (another car) and a few stuffed sheep that belong to Lambkin. Sometimes there are tiny princesses or toy cars in there with her, too. I slept with about 1,000 (haha) stuffed animals as a kid. Literally half my twin bed. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. :-)