Saturday, June 30, 2012

Funny Things She Says

Afternoons and weekends are a riot at our house.  I think we laugh about 80% of the time.  Mostly it's about stuff that Annika says now.  She really makes it obvious what phrases we overuse and that she's listening to every single thing we say!

She always says "look" and points to things now.  Not sure which one of us does that.

The other day on the way home from Josh's work she told me "I told daddy, come on, get up, and then I kicked him and cried.  Daddy cried.  No, no, bad girl, no kicking.  Sorry daddy."  I guess I got the full story on that one.  On the weekends when I try to wake up Josh I always tell him "come on, get up" so now she does it to him every day during the weekend.

Then another day she had to pee and she says "I need to go potty.  Can you hold it?  Yes.  Wait till we get home."  I guess I don't even need to say anything anymore!!

She told Annabel a few weeks ago "No touchies (that's how she says touch) the feet babys (her name for Annabel).  No touchies!"

She had an accident in the car the other day because she couldn't hold her pee till we got home and said "Oh no, pee pee in the panties.  Not good, not good.  My panties are wet!  Yuck, bad girl, pee pee in potty."  Seriously, we can't even reprimand her for anything anymore, she does just does it for us!

Josh and I went for physicals together with our new primary doctor.  We had to bring the girls with us (yep, they kind of have to go everywhere with us) and when the doctor was listening to my heart and lungs Annika kept saying "momma's crying, daddy, momma's crying".  Josh kept telling her that I wasn't crying but she just insisted. When my exam was over she looked at me and said "I NEED a hug and kiss".  Such a sweet girl!

Every time I call Josh during the day to see how he's doing Annika yells in the background "say hi to mommas, say hi to mommas".  Then when she says hi she ALWAYS says "hi mommas, move it, move it".  She's saying "move it, move it" like they do in the song in the Madagascar movie.  I don't know why she always has to mention it but it's funny.

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  1. She's so silly! I love when they say cute things.