Sunday, June 3, 2012

Infertility, The Past

So long ago, way back in 2007 I started blogging (on my now closed blog).  I started blogging because we had decided to start trying for a baby and little did we know it would take us on an 18 month journey to get pregnant with Annika.  Who knew that getting pregnant for some people didn't just happen out of nowhere, it was hard work, stressful, and involved lots and lots of tests...

On my old blog I had a TTC (trying to conceive) timeline I thought I'd share on this blog.  I tried to put in links to better describe some of the testing we had done.
  • September 2005~started dating Josh
  • January 2006~got tired of the side effects of birth control pills so stopped taking them (not TTC)
  • September 2006~we got engaged!
  • February 23, 2007~we got married!
  • August 2007~started trying to conceive (TTC)
  • October 2007~realized spotting started at 7 DPO, endometrial biospy and ultrasound ordered: both normal
  • January 2008~progestrone tested at 7 DPO: normal
  • February 2008~more b/w ordered (TSH, FSH, estrogen..) and hysteosongram: all normal
  • March 2008~made it to 14 DPO before spotting started
  • May 2008~spotting starts earlier than ever and end up with 2 cycles in one month
  • June 16th, 2008~first RE appointment
  • June 25th, 2008~HSG all clear
  • July 2008~home semen analyst says there are over 20 million sperms (no time or money to get real SA)
  • October 2008~given up on TTC~no money and too much stress
  • November 2008~decide to adopt
  • December 2008~orientation for adoption through the state=waste of time..
  • December 2008~got back on the TTC wagon, Lap on the 26th~all endo removed
  • January 2009~DH has 154 million sperm and 61% are motile!
  • February 27th, 2009~finally got our positive pregnancy test!!!
  • June 2009~found out we're having a little girl, Annika!
  • November 7th, 2009~Annika was born.
  • February 2011~Decide to start TTC #2
  • May 10th, 2011~Found out we were pregnant with #2
  • August 2011~Found out that baby #2 is another girl, Annabel!
As you can see we had lots of issues the first time around and none the second.  We were very, very lucky to get pregnant with Annabel so quickly!

I will better explain some things in posts coming up shortly, like family infertility, what I think happened while TTC Annika vs. Annabel, and some on adoption.

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  1. I am so happy that it all worked out for you. It is so hard for me to watch my friends trying to have babies unsuccessfully. My cousin, a good friend, and another friend through blogging all went through this. My blogging friend ended up conceiving and had a son (her second), my good friend has had no luck and was told she has Lupus so since her husband has several children from a previous marriage, they have stopped trying, and finally my cousin is adopting a baby or hopefully a sibling pair from out of the country. It has been so hard watching these close friends/family struggle when I was able to get pregnant very easily both times. I had a miscarriage in between my two girls, but afterwards, Elena came very quickly.