Friday, June 1, 2012


I've had a lot of pain in the last week from running, well, I assume it's from running because the pain usually is worse after I run.

I did get new shoes a little over a week ago and I sort of jumped right into my running schedule without easing into the new shoes.  So now OUCH!  My lower back is killing me along with my right hip and the occasional right knee pain too.  Today my lower back, while at work, decided to feel like it was burning.  I seriously thought I was on fire but when I touched my skin it wasn't hot.  After consulting "Dr. Google" I discovered it could be nerve damage of some sort.  Which makes sense because over the weekend I felt like I had a pinched nerve in my lower back, I've had a pinched nerve a few times.  I'm trying to take it easy at home now.  I'm using a heat pad along with some icy hot when I go to bed.  I'm also trying to do some core exercises (nothing too crazy) to help build up my core strength and lots and lots of stretching!

I do think it's my shoes, I've read a few message boards like this one.  I think tomorrow instead of running I will take the girls for a brisk walk (it's sooo hard to walk, I kept pushing myself to run today but the pain got too bad, I just LOVE running!) to help wear my shoes in.  I also ordered a yoga DVD that I plan on doing on days I don't run.  I think Annika will love doing it too since she usually likes to follow along during workouts.

Hopefully by this weekend things with my back will settle down a bit so that I can go running (by myself, I'm trying to go alone on the weekends as a break since I always have the girls during the week) a good distance.


  1. Thanks for welcoming me back to blogging!
    Pinched nerves are the worst, good luck working it out. (Though I still find you runners completely beyond my realm of understanding!)