Friday, June 15, 2012

1st Baby vs. 2nd Baby

So many things are different now that we have baby #2 compared to when we just had baby #1.

For example:

*Annika started daycare when she was 10 weeks old.  Annabel has never been without me or Josh since she was born.

*Annika had her ears pierced at 3 months old, we waited till 5 months for Annabel because we felt like she was so tiny!

*Annika drank out of sippy cups at 5 months old.  I haven't even re-sterilized or washed the sippy cups for Annabel and she'll be 6 months on the 22nd.

*We took Annika for a swim in a pool the first time at 4 months old.  Annabel still hasn't been, again she seem so young and tiny!

*We never used a baby carrier with Annika because we weren't familiar with them.  We use one for Annabel when we're out in public a lot, it's like a baby Bjorn copy.  I think it's Infantio brand.

*In the evenings we used to put classic music on for Annika and let her play on the living room floor.  Annabel either plays on a blanket on top of a rug in the dining room area or on our bedroom floor.  Usually Annika is watching a movie or entertaining us in some way (she's been doing lots of song and dance numbers for us lately, and the majority of them are in the nude...).

*Annika had no exposure to TV at all until she was 18 months old.  Sometimes Annabel is in the same room as the TV and I catch her watching it and enjoying it.  Annika wouldn't even look at a TV even at someone else's house until she was much older.  I still move Annabel so that she can't watch it though, I just don't like the idea of babies watching TV.

*I feel like we have a lot more pictures of Annika as a baby than Annabel and I'm trying to make sure we even that out.

*I haven't bought Annabel any new clothes really.  She is wearing strictly hand me downs.  The majority of Annika's wardrobe was hand me downs too but I did go out every once in a while and buy her some new stuff, I've gotten maybe 3 or 4 things for Annabel.

*I followed strict rules with what foods Annika was allowed at certain months.  As far as fruits and veggies go I'm pretty sure Annabel has already eaten almost all available baby food fruit and veggies along with the combos of the two.

*I never gave Annika any kind of Tylenol until she was older, like at least 8 or 9 months, even when teething because it freaked me out so bad!  I think I gave it to Annabel around 3 months old when we thought she was teething but then never grew teeth!

*Annika had a pacifier in her mouth from birth till 15 months old.  Annabel refuses them.

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  1. It's neat to see the similarities and differences. Elena is wearing a lot of hand me downs, but she has grown so much faster than Karina that she is actually outgrowing the summer clothes I have. And Elena loves TV too, but I hate for her to see it. I think we have about 10 times as many photos of Karina than we do Elena. There's no hope for us there!