Friday, June 8, 2012

Annabel is Annika's Baby

Annika didn't initially show much of an interest in Annabel when she was born.  She walked into the hospital room and was way more excited to see me since she hadn't seen me in almost 2 days.  Annika kind of looked at Annabel and pointed out she was a baby and then stole half my lunch.

We did manage to convince her to kiss her though but that was it.

When we brought Annabel home from the hospital it was Christmas Eve and Annika was more excited about opening her presents and riding her new tricycle.  She barely even paid a second of attention to Annabel.

This is when Annabel is 5 days old.  Finally Annika had acknowledged that there was a baby at home.

Then every once and a while Annika would realize that this was another little person that lives here in "her" house!

Playing "patty cake" with Annabel (gosh Annabel is so tiny!).

And sometimes Annika would be really sweet and do tummy time with Annabel and just stare at her.
Annika has really grown to love Annabel especially since lately Annabel smiles and laughs her.  Annika loves getting reactions out of people.

 This is during one of my runs, Annika is patting Annabel's head because she's crying and she's saying "it's okay baby, it's okay".

Annabel has become Annika's baby.  Here she is trying to undress her.

And she even wants to help feed her (look at the loving look Annabel is giving her!).

When we go for walks on the weekends we put Annabel in a stroller and Annika walks.  Sometimes Annika throws a huge fit because she wants to push Annabel in the stroller and doesn't want us to do it.  She's actually started throwing a temper tantrum saying "my babys, my babys" because she thinks she should be pushing her!

Then there are times like these where both girls are like "oh gosh, get this baby/kid away from me!"

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  1. They are so sweet! Karina is the same way with Elena--one minute she adores her and is running over to her and touching her feet, and the next she's fake crying because Elena won't stop!