Saturday, June 2, 2012

Houses I Like

I've been looking lately at houses, to buy or rent.  Most likely rent since we have no savings to buy, but whatever.

I don't like the newer neighborhoods in our area.  They are all plain, boring, little cookie cutter houses with no charm.  Blah.

Then I see houses near where I work in downtown Sarasota.  I love them.  But they are either super expensive to buy (not too bad to rent) or in a nasty, horrible, crime filled area.

I love them though!

Aren't they just so cute?!

Then I sometimes look for houses in my wannabe dream place to live.  Asheville, North Carolina.  You have the mountains, but the beach isn't too far (the beach is for Josh, I hate the stupid beach), the weather gets warm but I hear they have mild winters.  They have super cute houses there too!

I want this one, totally want it:

Then while screwing around on Craigslist for Asheville I see this:

And I cry.  I fucking hate snow.  Only seen it twice but I hate it and there's just too much in this picture.

We will live in Florida FOREVER.  The end.


  1. Asheville is an hour and a half south of where my dad & step mom live. That looks like it was a heavy snow day.. some years it'll only snow maybe 10 days out of the year, and it's very light. Asheville is a beautiful place.

  2. I love older houses with character! I live in a new cookie cutter house but I still really like it. I would love to live out in the middle of nowhere where it's quiet and peaceful. And since I live in MN we have far too much snow. I like the snow; I think it's pretty (for a short while) but it's the freezing temps that I just hate.

  3. Snow's not so bad, really. Me, I like the mild in-betweens; not hot, and not cold. So Virginia for me all the way. I lived in Florida, and I hated it because I was too far away from my family and we lived in this horrible little town with nothing to do. Here, we have too cold winters and too hot summers, but sometimes, like now, the spring or fall are perfect. Any with my family here, no way I'll ever leave here again. So I totally understand! It looks like you really love the craftsman style. I do too. They are just the cutest, and most individual looking houses. There really is just something about them that makes them look like home.