Wednesday, June 6, 2012


~It's been a while since I did a random posting.  I've actually had things to post about lately!

~Annika is doing so well with potty training.  She's a pro during the day with pee.  She's hit or miss with poop. I guess she isn't patient enough because she's getting up before the poop has had time to drop, or she gets up, poops in the panties and then gets upset.  I need to make her stay there for a few minutes when she seems like she's trying to poop.  At night she's also doing pretty well.  She wears a pull up and sometimes it's dry when she wakes up and sometimes Josh says that there is a pee in her potty that we keep in her room for her.

~Annabel is eating baby food like crazy!!  We decided to move her up to stage 2 baby foods even though she's not 6 months old till the 22nd.  This child can eat.  The stage 1's are so thin that it seemed like she was gulping it down and it wasn't filling her up at all.  She's loving all the new fruits and veggies that come in stage 2 foods too.  Today for her pre-bed time snack she had banana, blueberry and beet!

~Running is a struggle with this heat during the week.  The heat index must be around 90 degrees even at 7pm. I could only handle 2 miles yesterday and it was cloudy out.  I was afraid to run too far from home anyway since it looked like it may rain.  Luckily Annika didn't throw a fit in the stroller today and I was actually able to run.

~At work we found out that we all get raises!  I find out what percentage increase I get on Thursday.

~Annika and I are currently addicted to feta cheese.  We eat it in our eggs (which is sooo good), salads and now we've even started topping pasta with it (or in Annika's case mac & cheese).  It's just too good.  Plus I bought it at an Amish market not far from our house and it's a huge container and it was like $4, about half the cost I would have paid for it at a regular grocery store.

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