Wednesday, June 27, 2012


~I'm a little surprised Annabel has no teeth and no sign of teeth.  Annika had 2 at 6 months old.  Another thing to prove how different babies can be!

~I hate not being able to go out for a run in this rain!  I haven't been on a run since Friday, luckily I was able to get out for 4 miles.  I'm off work on this Friday again so I'm hoping to get a run in before Annika's check up at the dentist.

~I did take one picture from our rainy weekend:

Look how big Annabel is!!!  This was taken in our garage.  We have a porch but it doesn't have a roof, just screen, which sucks when it rains.  We ended up hanging out in the garage all weekend long and our neighbor and her two kids that are 11 and 13 hung out too.  We had a really good time drinking wine (just the adults), eating snacks, playing football in the rain (the kids and Josh) and listening to music.  Who would have thought that our neighbor would like all the same music as us??  Anyone who likes Incubus and Sublime is okay with us!

~I found a dance school for Annika that takes 2 year olds since she'll still be 2 in September when classes start.  It's just called "dance" it's not specific to ballet, tap or jazz so I'm interested to see what it's like.  It's right down the street from us and it's only $40 a month.  I can't wait to sign her up!

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