Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Weekend

What a busy weekend we had!

Annika and I started our weekend with some grocery shopping.  Then we tried to bake a cake, from scratch....yeah that's not happening again...

Here is my helper:

And here is part of the disaster.  Both cakes stuck to the pans, bad.  It was just a big crumbly mess and even if it didn't stick it tasted like crap.  This was the recipe I used.

Yep, I will be sticking to box cakes and tube frostings.  Even the frosting tasted like crap!

The finished product.  This cake was supposed to be a Father's Day/Birthday cake for Josh.

After that disaster I went upstairs to see if a certain sweet baby was awake.  She was!  Such a lazy girl, she didn't wake up till after 11am.

 We posed for some pictures.  She's just too cute.

Daddy and Annabel, he's kind of cute too :)  look how big Annabel is getting though!  She's such a tall girl already!

After I destroyed the cake we took Josh out for dinner at one of our favorite places, Old Salty Dog.  Here are my two goof balls cheesing it up.

I've decided to refuse ordering Annika a children's meal at restaurants because we're not going to pay $6.99 for boxed mac&cheese or fried chicken tenders.  Instead she shared with us.  She ate HALF my piece of blackened Mahi Mahi, some of our fries and 2 lemon wedges.  Yep, 2 lemon wedges, she ate them like oranges and loved it.  I was proud of her eating the Mahi Mahi, she even asked for more twice.  Luckily it was a HUGE piece and it was on a sandwich so I still had plenty.

Then we went to the store and bought daddy a cheesecake!  There are 3 blue candles and 1 white candle for 31.

Then after all that eating we decided to run it off!  We did our 2 mile evening walk.  Josh and Annika are about to race here and she's telling him "1, 2, 3, GO!"
Sunday morning, daddy with his girls:

We went shopping to get Josh some new swim shorts.  Old Navy was having really good sales but he couldn't find anything.  I picked up this cute bathing suit for Annika, only $7!  I got 2 tank tops on sale for $6.50 each.  Then we went to Marshalls to look for shorts for Josh and I bought Annabel a much needed pack of new bibs.  So for Father's Day all of the girls got something new but poor Josh didn't find a thing!

 Instead of another evening walk we colored with chalk:

Earlier on Sunday Annika loudly exclaimed while standing on a dining room chair, "I look beautiful in this dress!"  We made her say it again to be sure we heard it right, we did.

My little giggle monster.

At first while we were coloring daddy and Annabel decided to chill at our front door. 

Daddy makes Annabel laugh and smile.

And make funny faces!

And laugh a bit more!

Annika got tired of coloring and since I bought thin chalk Josh and I decided to use it all up coloring our entire sidewalk for fun while Annika rolled around in the grass. 

Josh was getting pretty into it.  He was doing some shading here with his hand.  We both took art in school so we really enjoyed this, probably a bit more than Annika!

 Our masterpiece!  We're going to buy some better chalk so we can really decorate our sidewalk soon.

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  1. Looks like you had a fun time. I need to show Karina how to color with chalk outside. You guys are having too much fun with it!