Saturday, June 23, 2012


Funny that we've been coloring with chalk on the sidewalk outside our townhouse for the past two weeks and then I see this article about a neighborhood banning children from using chalk!


I'm pretty sure chalk is a pretty innocent thing and it washes away.  In the summer it rains so much that our fully decorated sidewalk from this weekend is already washed clean away.

After reading this article I wonder if someone will say something about our artwork outside.  The sidewalk is only used by us and is directly in front of our home.  I haven't seen any other kids in the neighborhood color with chalk.

It's such a fun activity that we're going to buy some more chalk for next weekend.  Our plans are to actually color the entire sidewalk just for fun!


  1. We love sidewalk chalk! We have multiple buckets all around the house. They color the whole driveway, make roads for their bikes and great pictures. Most of the neighborhood has chalk all over their driveways.

    I can't believe anyone would ban such a thing. It's a great activity for children and it isn't hurting anything.

  2. Keep on coloring til someone tells you not to. Then wait a few weeks and do it again anyway. Why some people want to strip everything fun out of life is beyond me. Neighborhood associations, in my opinion, go too far too often. I think it's like a power trip. They need to get over themselves. Sidewalk chalk has never caused anyone to die. Sheesh.

  3. People complain about the stupidest things.

    Love Annika's hat!