Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh Another Poop Story

I know a lot of parents who don't even have poop stories.  It kind of sucks that we have a lot of them.

Thursday during the day Josh slept a little bit more than normal.  He must have been exhausted because he didn't hear any of the activity that Annika was participating in.

Josh moves Annika's potty into the bedroom in the mornings.  He usually takes a short nap while she watches a Blues Clues DVD or something else slightly educational (we limited movies to the weekends only now).  So Annika uses her potty and usually wakes up Josh to tell him she was a good girl and that she went pee, then he has to get up and let her dump it in the toilet (if you don't let her dump it right away it ends up on the floor, lets just say we need a carpet cleaner soon).

I guess Annika pooped in the potty.  Then she didn't tell Josh.  Instead of being a normal human and leaving it alone she played with it.  She put the poop into two small food containers that had snacks in them and closed the lids.  Then she rubbed the remaining poop that was in the potty all around the potty making it almost impossible to clean off!  After that, just for good measure, she rubbed poop into the carpet in three different spots.

Then Josh woke up because he smelled poop.  He knew it was going to be bad but was worse was that he didn't have time to clean it all up!!  He threw away the food containers and had to leave the rest because he had to get ready for work.

So I got home, like 4 hours after this mess happened.  I found some foam carpet cleaner stuff and sprayed the crap (literally) out of the carpet.  Luckily it lifted all the stains but the smell was awful.  I sprayed a ton of Febreeze.  Then as I was sorting out Annika's toys to be sure no one had poop on them I felt a "squish" under my foot.  I closed my eyes, looked at Annika and said "what is on my foot".  To which she replied, laughing, "My poop!!".

After I washed off my foot I put Annika's potty in the bathtub and sprayed it with the shower head to loosen the poop.

Our room smelled like poop for 3 days.  Lets just say I'm glad I sleep in Annabel's room at night.

All Annika has to say about it "No touchies the poop, OKAY???"  Yeah, hopefully she doesn't touchie any poop again...


  1. OMG. Your stories crack me up! Um, sorry about the poop incident.

  2. I'm sorry that you have so many poop stories, but if it helps any... it makes me laugh uncontrollably when reading because my little girl is special needs and didn't quite potty train altogether until almost 5 and never was able to get her own diaper off. Some days I can honestly say, that I wish I had a poop story. What a character Annika is! I bet your house has a lot of laughs!