Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Want Vs. Need

We're trying to cut down on spending.  In realty we really should save up to buy a house and the fact that we haven't saved a cent during our 20s is pretty sad.  Not a cent.

My method currently of saving actually has to do with buying.  My new method of deciding if I really need to purchase something is to decide do I really NEED it or do I just WANT it.

For example, I have about 4 shirts I use for running.  I run 4 days a week.  One of my shirts is kind of annoying, it always rides up funny when I run.  So I was thinking this weekend that I would like to buy a new shirt.  Then I stopped myself.  Do I really NEED it or do I just WANT it?  Techincally I can make it with only 3 shirts.  I run Tuesday, Wednesday (sometimes), Thursday and Sunday.  I always do laundry in that time so I can wash my shirts that I have.  Therefore, I do not NEED the extra shirt or to spend the extra $15-20 at Target to buy it.

Now another thing that I do need to go shopping for soon are shoes.  I stopped to think, do I NEED new shoes for work or do I WANT them.  I looked through my shoes and discovered that many of my shoes are worn or smell horrible (I have really stinky feet).  I also have no shoes that match outfits with brown.  So I could use a new pair of shoes for work that will match the few pairs of pants I have that are either brown or khaki that I wear with brown shirts.  So I do NEED this.  

I'm hoping by thinking this way I can save a lot of money and by teaching Josh my new way of thinking that he can save a lot too!

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