Saturday, May 26, 2012

Potty Training Scorecard:Day 1


12pm: I get a phone call from Josh and in a shrill almost girly excited voice he says "Annika pooped on the potty!"  Then she gets on the phone and whispers "I pooped".

Turns out Annika got naked (big surprise little nudist) while Josh was still sleeping, got into bed with him, told him she had to poop, and had a turtle head poking out!  So he picked her up, put her on the toilet and she pooped.  Well, I guess she technically did poop on the potty.

2:30pm: I got home early from work.  I asked Annika if she wanted to wear panties, she said "YES".  Then asked if she was going to pee on the floor and got another enthusiastic "YES".  Lovely.

3:30pm: Josh left for work.

4pm: I'm feeding Annabel in the dining room and Annika comes running to me.  "There's sweat, yuck."  Nope, she peed herself even though she had just sat on the potty.

5pm: "Ewwww....sweat."  Again, we were sitting on the potty every 30 minutes, she still peed.

6pm: Sit her on the potty and explain that we are going for a walk with Annabel.  You cannot pee on your walk or it'll be embarassing to walk home with pee pee pants.  She stares at me like I'm stupid.

6:45pm: We get home from the walk and she's still dry!  So we sit on the potty and she screws around with Bo's food (Bo eats in our 1/2 bath...classy).

6:47pm: "Ahhhh, pee pee".  Yep, on the floor, on her shoes, on her shorts while I'm feeding Annabel.  She strips naked and plays around for 15 minutes while Annabel laughs instead of eating!

7:20pm: Put Annabel to bed.  Sit on potty again, nothing.

7:30pm: Explain to her that if she's going to sit on my bed with panties she needs to pee in the potty.  "Okay, momma".

7:32pm: Pees on the bed, rips off her panties, goes fucking ape shit nuts, throws her body on the bed, kicks, screams, freaks the fuck out.  I grab her, calmly, carry her to her room naked and screaming for no good reason.  Brush her teeth, put on a diaper, pajamas, put her to bed.....and she's out like 2 minutes later.

Friday's Scorecard: Accidents 4, Pees on potty 0, Poops on potty 1


  1. Oh my, you have more patience than me. :) Is there anything you could try bribing her with if you're okay with that? We used the mini M&M's here. Or even tell her once she starts going on the potty she can pick out a toy or something fun that she wants to do? She seems very strong willed which is funny for those of us reading but I'm sure is driving you crazy. Good luck on day 2!

  2. Don't push it. When she's ready, she'll do it. Samantha is 99% potty trained. One day it just happened and she's had only 2 or 3 accidents since. We never pushed the issue, never bribed, never made her feel bad for peeing on the floor. Just said, "That's okay. Next time you have the feeling, let's try to make it to the toilet, okay?" Then one day, she was ready!