Thursday, May 24, 2012

Family Pictures

Somehow I did not get any of the height gene and I happen to be the oldest cousin.

Josh says we actually look related, I can kind of see it (I'm totally printing this picture and getting it framed, it's not too often all of us are together).

My cousin, uncle and me (so many great pictures, even though this was after my grandmother's memorial service).

Here is Annika with my cousin.  Pretty sure that this is currently Annika's favorite family member (she reads this blog so I hope she sees this!).  I told Josh that since I don't have any brothers or sisters that the girls won't have aunts and uncles our age on my side of the family but that my cousin, Alejandra, is totally going to be like the "cool aunt" to the girls.  Annika just loves her sooo much!

Here is the family.  The older man with the walker is actually my great-grandmother's youngest brother.  I don't remember how old he is but the little old lady to his right is like 98, but I keep forgetting who she is...oops, horrible!

I'm trying to push Alejandra down so I look taller.  She had super high heels on and I had flats, that's why I looked so much shorter than everyone else and I am short!

The only picture of Annabel from Saturday's service and lunch.  She wasn't happy with us holding her so we just left her alone and she observed.  She laughed a lot so I guess we were funny!

This is my aunt and her cousin with Annika.  Annika is very into "seasoning" things with salt and pepper.

This is my mom's cousin next to Annika and his dad.  I haven't seen this cousin in YEARS.  I remember when we were younger that he had a ton of McDonald's Happy Meal toys, like 100s.

As you can see here my uncle is taking all the salt and pepper shakers away from Annika because she was being a monster and she was "seasoning" everything, including my Sangria!

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  1. I love how Annabel is just taking it all in. Those are some great family pictures. I'm sorry they were from an unhappy event though.