Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Potty Training Scorecard: Days 2, 3 and 4

Saturday morning I didn't have a lot of hope of potty training success.  I dared it and took her out to a produce market with panties and a dress on.  I figured if she peed she might miss the dress and we'd be okay.

Annika stayed dry the entire 2 hours.  Then we got home and she peed directly in front of the potty on the floor.

We took her to Target in a diaper for fear of a pee accident in public.

Later we put her down for a nap.

After her nap we went into the room to discover she had removed her diaper and a long, HUGE turd was sitting in the middle of her bedroom floor.  It never touched the diaper.

So we put on panties.

Around 6pm Annika told me she needed to go potty.  Took her to the potty and she PEED!!!  We cheered and let her have 2 little chocolate chips.

Day 2 Scorecard: 1 accident, 1 pee on the potty, 1 poop on the floor

Sunday morning Annika woke up with a dry diaper.  What???  Shocked and half awake I took her to the potty and she peed!

After breakfast Annika told me again she had to pee and we went to the potty and she peed again!

Then before we left for Wal-Mart she peed again on the potty!

We went to Wal-Mart with her wearing panties....daring.  She stayed dry so we went out for some frozen yogurt to celebrate.  While we were eating yogurt she told us she needed to go potty!  She went pee again in a public restroom with Josh!

Nap time we left her in panties and put her potty in her room for her to use.  When we went to get her 2 hours later she had pooped in the potty and her panties were just slightly damp.

Then we ate dinner and went for a walk.  The walk is almost 1/2 a mile so she had an accident along the way.  But she was able to hold in the pee some because when we went home she peed some more on the potty.

Day 3 Scorecard: 2 accidents, 5 pees on the potty, 1 poop on the potty

Monday morning Annika's diaper was wet but she was screaming so I think maybe she was trying to call for me and I didn't hear her at first.

During the day we had 4 pees in the potty including one at the mall.  We also had a poop on the potty during nap time again but she wet her bed during nap.

Day 4 Scorecard: All but 1 pee in the potty, 1 poop on the potty

Right now we're pretty confident in Annika that she can wear panties during the day.  We're going to use up the rest of her diapers for night time and for nap time (she only naps on the weekends anyway).  We're also going to leave her potty in the bedroom for her to use at night if she wants.  Can't believe how good she did!!  I'm so happy to have an almost potty trained toddler!!

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  1. Sounds like she was ready! Go Annika!!! We left Karina's potty in her room until she was 3 because we kept her door shut at night and she couldn't get out. but now she just uses the big potty.