Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Can Be Funny, Sometimes!

Josh and I like to joke about the above card because we always have people (once they get to know us) tell us that we're funny.  I think when you grow up with some dysfunction making people laugh makes you forget those things.  Annika is pretty hilarious and I don't think we're that dysfunctional, well, sometimes a little but without that life wouldn't be fun!

My good friend at work told me the other day that she thinks the reason we get along together so well is that we're both funny.  We have the same dry sense of humor and are always making jokes or saying off the wall crazy stuff (only to each other, if people at work heard half of what we'd said they'd try to commit us or get us fired!).

Last weekend Josh was telling me how he'd like to go to our primary doctor for a physical now that's he's 30.  He was telling me how much it helps to sometimes take Melatonin at night (if you can't sleep or have issues sleeping I'd suggest Melatonin before going for a nonprescription drug, Josh sleeps great with it and it's a nice, non-addicting, natural alternative to drugs).  He has an issue sometimes at night (well, morning for the rest of us) with racing thoughts.  Sometimes he can't get his mind off of something and keeps thinking about it.  So here was our conversation:

Josh: I wish there was something like Melatonin that I could take during the day sometimes.

Me: So you can fall asleep in the middle of the day?

Josh: No not for sleep, I just need something occasionally to help me relax, feel good, not stress about anything and keep me calm.  You know, something to make me feel nice and chill.

Me: You just described marijuana.

Josh: (spits out his wine) Why do you say stuff like that when I'm drinking my wine???

I get him to do that at least 3 times a weekend :)


  1. That's funny. I always say something funny to my husband when he's drinking. I find that funny too.