Friday, May 11, 2012

Running Some More

I had already planned to do this half marathon in November.  So excited since it was my first half marathon ever back in 2010!  I love the course because almost the entire time you can see Tampa Bay.  You also get to run around the St. Pete Pier and run through Tropicana Field where the Rays play (I've never actually seen the Rays play there, the last time I went there was years and years ago when the Tampa Bay Lighting hockey team played there).

Now I've decided to push myself a bit.  I'm actually going to do one of my Before I Turn 35 goals.  I plan on signing up for the ING Miami Marathon in January.  I just need to save up some money for the hotel stay and then I'll be set (Miami is about a 3 hour drive and the race starts at 6am, plus you aren't supposed to sit in a car for hours after the race so we'll have to stay 2 nights)!  I printed up a training schedule and I'll start training in October.  It's lots of long runs with a few mid-week which means the girls will be coming with me!  Luckily all the long mid-week runs are in December so I'm hoping for cooler weather for the almost 2 hours we'll be out at one time (the longest run is on a Wednesday and is 10 miles long!).  I might be able to convince my friend from work to watch the girls for me during that long run though, I'm lucky that she really likes both of them even though she's not really a "kid" person.

I'm so excited because since having Annabel I've really jumped right back into running and my speed is better than ever.  I took both girls today in our jogging stroller for a 3 mile run and finished in 30 minutes!  I barely ran that fast without the stroller before.  But I haven't had a chance to run on my own in a while (I always either have both girls or just Annika) so I'm not sure how fast I've actually gotten yet all on my own.  Next weekend I do have a run planned on my own for 6 miles that is actually for timing myself on speed.  I might even accomplish another Before I Turn 35 goal by getting my half marathon time under 2 hours but right now I'd be happy with better than my previous time.

Plus this running thing, the only 2 weeks I've gotten super serious about it again, has helped me get back to pre-pregnancy weight!  Yay!  Only took 4 months :)

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