Sunday, May 27, 2012


I am a list maker.  I'm a bit of an obsessive list maker.  To show you how obessive I am I will make a list of lists that I currently have going now:

~To do list
~List of things to pack when we go to Orlando next month
~List of what Annabel eats/drinks in a day (I always keep track or I'll forget if I gave her fruit or veggies)

My "to do" list is horrible.  Currently I need to do these things and I'm not doing any of them today!

~hang picture frames (umm...we've lived here like a year and a half and I still haven't hung everything yet.

~hang stand for DVD player and wire cover strip (this is in our room, right now the DVD player is on the floor and the cords are just hanging around...)

~buy chain lock for front door (Houdini AKA Annika can now open the front door, lovely...)

~look for a new computer desk (our computer desk is very modern looking, nothing else in the entire house is)

~organize my shit in my closet (I have random papers, jewerly, clothes, etc all over the shelves)

~order pictures from Shutterfly for Josh's step-dad and some new ones for frames, which I haven't hung up yet.....

~re-list our crap on Craigslist.  I'm trying to sell our Sit N Stand stroller and I can't believe no one is jumping at my low price!

~clean up clutter/junk from closet under the stairs, garage shelves, and kitchen cabinets

~hem 4 pairs of pants (I don't wear heels anymore and I'm short)

~do a blog post on why I don't wear heels anymore

~go through the box of 9-12 month clothes for Annabel since her 6-9 month stuff is getting tight


  1. How much is your sit-n-stand and why are you getting rid of it? I was planning on getting one... just wondering if you didn't like it or something...

  2. You know, I wasn't surprised that you are a list maker. Several of your posts have been in that format! I love making lists, but I also love leaving them at home when I go to the place for which I need the list, ha ha!