Tuesday, May 1, 2012

No Sugar For Me!

I have now completed 7 days of the no sugar challenge!

I've noticed a few things in the last 7 days:

~I've lost weight!  I am now to Annika pre-pregnancy weight (which was actually 2 pounds higher than Annabel pre-pregnancy weight).

~I can wear 3 more work pants that did not fit properly 2 weeks ago!

~I have more energy, I don't have mood swings, no headaches.

~Annika is eating by example and now is eating an almost entirely clean diet of fruits, veggies and whole grains. The snacks she does eat are organic (Annie's is great for these).  Now if we could only get Josh to stop eating hot dogs and Ramen noodles......

I read all the time how flat abs are not made in the gym but they are made in the kitchen.  I have to say that my abs are more toned looking now than they ever have been and that's after 2 babies!  It's pretty unbelievable.  I'm sure with cutting out sugar for the rest of the challenge that they'll look better.

Now that I'm doing this I'm thinking of going past the 30 days and living this way.  This feels so much better than eating processed junk all the time.  Sure, on birthdays or special occasions I won't be able to pass up a piece of cake or a cookie but if I limit it to just special occasions I think that I feel better.

Next up, physical time with our new primary doctor.  Josh and I were not happy with our previous primary doctors so we switched.  We both need physicals.  I want to always keep up to date on everything because of the heart disease in my family and Josh has been having blood sugar dropping issues (to which I have already diagnosed him via Google with diabetes, he tells me that's not funny but I think I may be right).


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