Friday, May 25, 2012

Potty Training Weekend Attempt #2

We have a 3 day weekend so it's the perfect time to potty train, again.  We tried back in January and after two complete days of cleaning up pee and poop off the floor we gave up.  We failed, miserably.

Yesterday I asked Annika about potty training.

Me: Are you going to use the potty this weekend?

Annika: No.

Me: You can't pee and poop in your diaper forever.  We need to have you wearing panties.

Annika: No.

Me: Well, this weekend you're wearing panties and using the potty.

Annika: No.

Me: Only the baby can wear diapers soon.

Annika: No.

Me: I don't care if you say no, this weekend you're learning to use the potty.

Annika: No.

Me: So you'd rather just pee on the floor and in your panties?

Annika: long pause......YES!

Oh it's going to be a battle.

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  1. Hang in there. Put her in panties, if it's nice weather take her outside and if not, just lay down paper in one room and stay in there with her. Put the potty in the middle of the room and ask her every 15 minutes. If she pees her pants, don't change them right away. Let it get cold and uncomfortable first. Make it so she HATES wearing wet panties. Remind her that when she feels the need to pee, if she goes on the potty, she won't have wet undies. She'll get the hang of it. I wish you the best of luck! Oh, and keep at it now--it only gets harder as they get older and more stubborn. :-)