Monday, May 14, 2012


Oops, did I really only blog like once last week?

Mother's Day was quiet, since both of us don't have mothers we don't like to make a huge deal.  I did get this though, I ordered it today, can't wait till it comes!  Josh was afraid of buying the wrong one so he gave me the money to pick  it out myself.  I'm having issues with the program on my phone telling me my correct miles.  Yesterday's run per Google Maps and my car said I did 8 miles round trip (which is what I wanted to do) but my stupid phone told me I did 10.  I know that's wrong.  So hopefully the Garmin will help me keep things straight!

I need new shoes for running.  My old Asics are done.  There are only so many miles you can run in a pair of sneakers and after my 8 mile run on Sunday I'm pretty sure I exceeded it.  I'm looking online now for some new ones.  I'd like to stick with Asics since that's what my last two pairs where and I like pink ones.  They have to be pink!  Most of my running clothes are black, grey, or pink.  P

Annabel has started to eat baby food.  I only buy Earth's Best organic for baby food.  I don't have the time to make my own baby food, which I'd love to do, so to me the next best thing is to stick to strictly organic foods in the first year.  So far she's had sweet potatoes (loved), peas (loved so much she laughed the whole time) and banana (little laughs but peas seem to be the favorite).  She's also had some rice cereal, that's what I started her out with last week.  She is such a good eater.  Annika always pushed the food out with her tongue and made a mess but Annabel is very neat and just wants to gobble down the food!

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