Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Things She Says

Annika's vocabulary is ever expanding.  It's not always expanding correctly though and a lot of the things that come out of her mouth are downright hilarious.

She is still using the word fuckies a lot.  It's hard not to laugh when she says it, especially when it starts out with an "oh my goodness".  We seem to have a sugar ant problem and whenever she sees a tiny little ant on the kitchen floor she screams "oh my goodness FUCKIES!!!"

The neighbor kids have those Razor scooters and since Annika is fearless she always asks the one little boy (who is about 10 or 11) if she can ride it.  She'll look at him and say "pleazzzzzeeee, can I?"  It's so cute.  He's incredibly good with her, he lowers the handle and holds on to the handle and her back and takes her up and down our sidewalk, very, very slowly.  She loves it.

Today two of the neighborhood boys came with us on our evening walk.  She kept saying "hey boys, hey, wait" because they were on scooters again and she was trying to run to keep up.

I still love that she calls flowers "flow-ies".

She now sings the songs from Wonder Pets since it's her all time favorite show.  We stream Netflix now on our Blue Ray player and canceled cable so that's one of the shows that she gets to watch all the time now whenever she wants, well not whenever, she limited to one episode a day.

The other day when I was holding Annabel and she was crying Annika told me "put baby to bed, put to bed".

She always tells me when Annabel is crying "babys crying, babys crying, go" because she wants me to make her stop.

We've become friends with our neighbor, which is unusual because usually I don't talk to anyone!  She's probably around 40 and has a 10 year old son (who is friends with the other neighbor's 10 year old son) and a 14 year old daughter.  Annika likes to go to their house because they have Wheat Thins there.  So Saturday we went outside to talk and Annika goes up to our neighbor and says "hand" because she wanted to hold her hand and then she tried to pull her toward her front door and said "crackers, please".  I guess I'm going to have to buy her some Wheat Thins because she's crazy about them!

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