Monday, May 21, 2012

Salad By Me!

I like to come up with new ideas for salads.  Sometimes when I get home from work I'm in no mood to cook so I like to throw together an easy salad.  Josh also rarely has time to prepare food so with this recipe I prepared a salad for him to eat when he gets home from work.

I usually don't do a step-by-step recipe guide with pictures so here it goes:

First of all, welcome to my kitchen!  It's a mess right now!

Secondly you will need all the ingredients for this salad.

I have chopped pecans, grape tomatoes, 1 cutie (mandarin orange), spinach, balsamic vinegar, feta and pink salmon (option on the salmon, Josh uses it, I do not).

I put the spinach for my salad into a small bowl.  The spinach for Josh's salad is in a re-usable container.

Then I cut the grape tomatoes in half and the pieces of orange in half too.  I split a cutie (the small orange) between the two of us.

While making and photographing this salad creation I had someone who kept wanting to help.  Really I think she just wanted some cheese.  She loves feta.

Next I added the feta cheese and pecans to my salad.  For Josh's salad since he'll be eating it later I put his feta and pecans in another small container.  This way the pecans will stay crunchy.  I also put balsamic vinegar in a small container for him too just in case he decides to pack his salad for lunch tomorrow instead of eating it at home.  I added just a few sprinkles of balsamic vinegar to my salad.

And we're done, then I have this one staring at me while I eat:

This is probably my first mention of our poor forgotten dog, Bo.  But he's here, always under my feet while I'm in the kitchen making food!  Right along with this one:

We also have this little cutie watching me too!

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