Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Annika's Photography

My dad was a photographer.  He actually went to school for it and had a master's degree in photography.

Josh wanted to start his own photography business but he wasn't devoted to it enough to keep it going.  He does take amazing pictures when he's focused on it though.

Annika is our little photographer.  We're actually trying to decide what kind of kid-friendly camera we can get her for her birthday or Christmas this year (we have to balance that out with that we want to get her a bike too).

Here are Annika's recent pictures taken with my iPhone:


This is the chair she sat in to get her haircut, she finished before me so I let her take pictures.  In the mirror you can see me getting my hair cut!

My reusable shopping bag collection 

A chair. 

Her ballet bag. 

The air vent. 

Me making something in the kitchen! 

My gym bag from work and the baby gate we use for Bo. 

She's very into "objects" now.  I think it's really good that she focuses right in on certain things!

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  1. Karina has one, but I'll tell you, the ones for kids don't have very good quality. Hers is only about 1 megapixel, and you can tell. It's tough though and made to withstand falls. I think it might be by Vtech or some such company. It's very durable and easy for her to use, but for photo quality, not so much.